It’s the final DHD for 2022, and I thought I’d share the six most read DHDs during the year. Along with the six blogs I wrote this year, believe it or not, one of my top DHD reads in 2022 was written in 2021—“Six Bible passages of God controlling the weather.” It drew nearly 5,000 unique readers.

The DHDs I wrote this year drew much fewer. Each attracted around 300 unique readers, but still, I’m thankful for everybody who would read DHD. And thank you for reading this now!

  1. OU Softball leads off with a DHD about sharing Christian faith

On June 10, DHD featured the University of Oklahoma softball team boldly sharing the Gospel on a regular basis. Sooner Softball was popular this time of the year as the team collected its second consecutive national championship.

Head Coach Patti Gasso and her squad have been featured previously on, as they have consistently shared Christ over the years.

This DHD also featured a fascinating story about a ministry that cares for women who work in strip clubs. Sarah Eekoff Zylstra, a DHD favorite writer, wrote the piece, and as I mentioned in the blog, it may be one of the most powerful Christian witnesses of which I am aware.

Check out the DHD here.

  1. Turek being “Frank” on apologetics

On Feb. 25, DHD featured Frank Turek, a popular apologetics expert who does public meetings to answer questions about the Bible and the Christian faith. Among the 2022 DHDs, this was the second-most read blog. Turek’s videos are featured in the DHD.

Check it out here.

  1. Abortion on ballot

It was an election year, and along with many U.S. Congressional seats and other important government roles needing to be filled, people across the country were voting on various state questions. With the overturning of Roe v Wade this summer, numerous state elections were focusing on how to handle abortion. A DHD on Oct. 14 addresses this significant issue, as well as features commentary on marijuana and a Bible passage I focused on for most of the year.

Check it out here.

  1. Five book promotions

I’m glad this DHD made some traction. On Oct. 28 I offered a different kind of DHD, which promoted books written by people I admire, and some are good friends.

Check out “Five book promotions and Thunder thoughts.”

  1. Venables on commitment

I confess, this is one of my favorite DHDs of the year. OU football is coming off a bowl loss and a losing season, but the Sooners had a rather dramatic year, which started with a new head coach coming to Norman. Brent Venables is a likeable coach, and he had some great news conferences before the season started.

On March 25, I dedicated a DHD to one of Venables’ meetings with the media, as he gave a great response about commitment. He was specifically addressing commitment from recruits, but he mentions how commitment is important in other areas of life.

Check out my thoughts on Venables emphasizing commitment here.

  1. COVID Mandate

We end this list of popular DHDs in 2022 with one of the first of the year. It’s amazing when looking back and seeing what was of high interest 11 months ago but now is of mild concern. The COVID Mandate was a big deal, possibly affecting all kinds of businesses across the country. Thankfully, SCOTUS blocked the COVID mandate, and common sense prevailed.

Check out the Jan. 14 DHD here.