I hope you’re having a happy June day! Thanks for reading this week’s DHD! Here’s six timely topics for you.

  1. OU Softball story of sharing Christian faith

The University of Oklahoma softball team is the talk of the town—as it should be. The Sooners won its second consecutive Women’s College World Series last night and the program’s sixth overall.

This is a special team that Coach Patti Gasso has developed and appears to be on track to win many more championship titles in the future.

But taking a look at the past, the Baptist Messenger featured an article in 2018 written by Fellowship of Christian Athletes writer Nate Taylor about these Sooner sluggers. The title of the article is “OU’s Patty Gasso focuses on winning souls more than games.”

Though the article is quite dated, it still quite fascinating to read, especially the part of the team asking President Donald Trump if they could pray “both with him and for him.”

And, yes, it’s a four-year-old article, but it still draws social media traffic. The piece was shared this week on the Messenger’s Facebook page, and the numbers at this moment show 20,000 reaches; 4,000 readers engaged from the Facebook post; 420 Likes and 20 comments.

  1. Sharing Jesus with the least of these

If you are a DHD regular reader, you know how much I appreciate articles written by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra. I thought I’ve read all of her articles over the past few years, but I discovered one she wrote in 2017. The title may make you uncomfortable, but I think it’s one of the most powerful Christian witnesses I read about this century.

The article is titled “Sharing dinner and Jesus with strippers.” Zylstra tells the story of Rachel Starr who founded a ministry of reaching women who work in strip clubs. I’ve never heard anything like it.

After reading the story, I found Scarlet Hope’s website –the name of Starr’s ministry. It started in Louisville in 2007 and is now ministering to women in the adult industry in seven major cities.

  1. Tramel’s travels

Oklahoman sports writer Berry Tramel frequently blogs about his journeys throughout the year, especially when he is on the road covering a sporting event. He also writes his vacation trips too, but this week, Tramel is on a mission trip to Tijuana with his church and he’s sharing daily entries about his experience serving in a poverty-stricken, dangerous area.

You can check out Tramel’s latest blog here. I appreciate Berry sharing such a Christian witness through the Oklahoman, and I hope his work bears fruit, both in Tijuana and in readers.

  1. A word on Wordle

I confess, I’m a Wordle person. I started earlier this year and have enjoyed the daily activity that is shared by millions doing the same puzzle. It’s quite a unique yet catchy activity. I especially like it because of the spelling and phonetic training it offers.

Thom Rainer wrote an church application piece about Wordle, and it’s creative and intriguing. Check it out here, especially if you’re a Wordle person like me.

  1. Mohler’s book

Here’s a plug for Albert Mohler’s book that comes out this month. Publishers Weekly describes the as a “provocative interpretation of Jesus’ parables.”  The website also calls Mohler a pastor, which he is not.

The name of the book is “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus: The Explosive Power of Jesus’ Parables,” and I pre-ordered it. As great of a communicator Mohler is, I have high expectations of reading it.

  1. Summer update

Summer is here, which means I will be taking some vacation time in a few weeks. Karen and I are planning a visit to Mount Rushmore, an area of the country we have never been. And we are excited about it!

I plan to write a DHD next week, but I may be off the following week. But I could be sharing about travels soon after! Hope you are enjoying your summer as well!