I’m offering a different spin on DHD this week. Frank Turek is an apologetics expert who does public engagements answering questions from audience members. He has a direct approach in providing answers and does it in such a way that is relatable to all inquisitors.

I first heard Turek when he spoke at a previous State Evangelism Conference (now Advance Conference) offered by Oklahoma Baptists. He is in the same peer group as someone like Josh McDowell or Lee Strobel, and he is on similar level of handling hard encounters as Albert Mohler, who used to do his “Ask Anything” tour on college campuses in recent years.

For this week’s DHD, I thought I would introduce you to Turek and not only present his talent in answering hard questions on the Bible and Christianity but also perhaps help you know how to answer questions of skeptics you may encounter.

  1. A student presents his own dilemma

This first video has a student presenting a rather thoughtful inquiry. He gives Turek some challenging questions about the nature of God, and I was impressed. Turek gets all kinds of people asking him questions in public forum, and this young man said he is a Christian, but he does ask some good questions about God.


  1. Can you trust a 2,000 year old book?

I’m offering a few videos that either challenge the authority of Scripture or challenge the teaching of salvation only comes through Christ (John 14:6). This video is a good one on the Bible being reliable.


  1. Can you trust Paul’s letters?

Here’s a great response from Turek when asked about the accuracy of Paul’s epistles.

  1. What about those who’ve never heard about Jesus?

This is one of my favorite videos of Turek. I’ve had discussions with people close to me who have challenged this issue on how salvation can be for all mankind, even those who’ve never heard about Jesus. Turek’s response is excellent.


  1. How can an all-knowing God forget sins?

I appreciate Turek’s exchange in this video.

  1. Why does God allow natural disasters?

I conclude with a video that can be difficult for even Christians to understand sometimes. It’s not always easy solutions, but Turek helps us understand about trials and tragedies that happen to even the godliest of Christians.