I’m offering this DHD as a tribute to longtime Baptist Messenger columnist Walker Moore. It came as a great surprise to the Messenger staff to learn of Walker’s death on Monday, June 26.

Over the last 25 years, Walker faithfully and diligently submitted more than 1,200 articles. Over the last 10 years, I had the privilege of reading his articles every week. It is going to be hard to adjust not receiving an email from Walker on Tuesdays.

The Baptist Messenger has gone through several changes in the last five years. After being a weekly publication, then a semi-monthly, the Messenger is now designed as a monthly magazine.

However, Walker did not change with this schedule or style. He consistently provided articles every week to feature either in a print edition or post solely on the Messenger website. Apparently, he wanted to keep in regular contact with his readers and offer a weekly prose.

Walker once wrote about having a phone conversation every Saturday morning with his mother in her later years, so I understand Walker’s commitment to communicating with those who are important to him.

With that in mind, I offer six memorable articles Walker wrote. This was not easy to compile for two reasons: 1) trying to whittle down to six since there are several that fit the standard; 2) my memory is not what it used to be. After I finish writing this DHD, I could easily have one or a dozen come to mind that I didn’t remember when coming up with this list.

Many could come up with an entirely different list of memorable Walker writings, and you are welcome to submit your favorites. So, consider this list as a starting point.

  1. Tattoo-a-thon

The list begins with one of Walker’s boldest articles. He shares his experience of going with his son Caleb to a tattoo parlor to share Jesus with customers and artists.

  1. Gate praying

Walker had a missionary’s heart. He went all over the world sharing Jesus, and his prayers did too. This column stood out to me because Walker offered a unique perspective about looking at an international flight departure gate in an airport and praying for that flight to have an impact for Jesus, making Him known in that country.

  1. Rescue the perishing

Here is another article Walker wrote featuring his son Caleb and mentioning tattoos. But what makes it memorable is Walker’s creative way of threading dramatic stories together and offering a stirring spiritual analogy.

  1. The kid

This article is memorable because Walker wrote about his relationship with MercyMe lead vocalist Bart Millard. It has some Paul Harvey “The Rest of the Story” flair.

  1. Two sentimental articles

I had a toss-up between “Going Ku-Ku” and “Pioneer Café,” but they both involve nostalgic eateries in Walker’s life. So, I dedicate this DHD item to both heart-stirring write-ups.

  1. A very merry Aqua Velva Christmas

I think it is safe to say this article would be a popular one among readers. Walker wrote about the time he spent Christmas with an unfamiliar family who had an uncanny way of offering him gifts of the same aftershave. It reads like a script of a comedy show in the ‘70s.

Please share your favorite story (or stories) that Walker wrote.