This week’s DHD focuses on international missions. The International Mission Board (IMB) is the main entity that Southern Baptists support for mission work outside the United States. The Baptist Messenger receives articles regularly on IMB missionaries and their work to share the Gospel throughout the world.

Here’s six of those articles I think you may find interesting.

  1. Impromptu friendships develop from learning English

Many IMB missionaries are involved in teaching English as a second language in different countries. Most of the time these English lessons are scheduled and organized through a school or another organization in the country, but for Aubrey and Hannah, they were approached by two older Japanese women who wanted to learn English. Check out this unconventional experience here.

  1. Anybody and everybody can be involved in international missions

The mindset of “mission work is only for preachers and seminary students” is proving to be misguided. Even age is not a limitation. Regardless of professions, international missions is for anybody and everybody, and it can also be for a short term.

If this is something you’ve wondered about, or if you’d like to know more about who is eligible to be involved with the IMB, check out this story.

  1. Mission work as a retirement plan

“I want to retire to something, not from something.”

This quote is from David Brown who recently retired from working with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Now David and his wife Shannon are serving in Moldova as IMB missionaries.

Check out their story here.

  1. Mission work during the Olympics

Tokyo was the sight for the last summer Olympic Games. IMB missionaries in respective Olympic cities use this major international event as an opportunity to share the Gospel.

Here’s an article about missionaries doing prayer meetings on a city train in Tokyo.

Here’s another story about sharing the Gospel through trading pins during the Olympics.

The next summer and winter Olympics will be in France. Maybe this could be your way to be involved in mission work, while also experiencing the Olympics.

  1. Missionaries help refugees

One of the most powerful ways IMB missionaries have an impact is through helping refugees, which is a major work in the world right now.

Check out this story of how refugees were able to relocate to Canada with help from IMB missionaries in Africa.

And read what IMB writer Caroline Anderson had to say when meeting a family with two young boys who fled from Ukraine.

  1. Mission work during the pandemic

I end with sharing a blog from Nicole Welch. She shares a fascinating experience she had while being locked down during the pandemic in 2020 while being a missionary in Europe.