Sarah Ashcroft attended Tulsa Community College (TCC) as a student, and now she has returned to the college as Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) director at the Southeast campus. TCC is the largest two-year, multi-campus college in Oklahoma.

Ashcroft grew up in Owasso and asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior while she was in high school.

“My youth group was instrumental in growing my faith in God,” she said. “After being active in BCM in college, I now have the privilege to work at TCC.”

Ashcroft said TCC BCM is committed to getting students involved in missions.

“We take students on local mission opportunities, as well as national mission trips, and also encourage students to go on North American Mission Board and International Mission Board summer trips,” she said.

Ashcroft emphasized that she wants to reach every student on the Tulsa campus, and to do that, the entire leadership team has to be mobilized.

“These are students who have placed their faith in Jesus and are committed to share the Gospel with their peers,” she noted. “We also have large group meetings where we encourage anybody to join us.”

In addition, there are weekly luncheons and worship times that are intended as outreach opportunities.

Ashcroft recently moved to the TCC BCM from the University of Central Oklahoma BCM, where she was responsible for discipling women students.

She said her parents are very supportive of her work, and her brother is a BCM student at Rogers State University in Claremore.

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