Have you ever become so fascinated and engaged in the storyline of a book that you cheated and skipped to the end? You just could not wait to see how the book ends.

I have a suggestion to make in these crazy mixed-up days in which we live. Pick up your Bible and read the end of the book. I am challenging you to read the book of Revelation. Yes, I know that many people are not familiar with apocalyptic literature. This type of material seems so mysterious. In fact, many refuse to read the book of Revelation and declare they just cannot understand all the symbolism. Touché!

However, I challenge you to read the book of Revelation with a different set of eyes. Read Revelation for the grand panorama of the conclusion of history. Walk through the pages looking for the overall story, rather than seeking to discover the meaning of every detail.

Why do I challenge you to read Revelation? Every day, there seems to be a breaking news story that tells of another terror attack or dark evil event that makes us wonder what the future holds. If we look only at the news of today, we will find ourselves falling into deep depression. Evil is hitting a high watermark, and there seems to be no antidote. Christians are being oppressed, even beheaded. Christian morals and ethics have fallen into the pit and are summarily rejected in our culture. The time in which we live is just dark and evil, and holds only very limited glimmers of light shining in the darkness.

Just today as I am writing, news of the terrorist attacks in Brussels is breaking. Many people have died and many others severely injured by terrorist suicide bombers. Innocent people have been murdered by demons of evil.

Is there any hope for tomorrow? When will all of this evil and darkness come to an end? Go to God’s Book and read the final pages. You will find the images of evil at the high watermark in the world, but the end of the story will leave you with unfettered and unhindered joy. Evil rises, but evil will not win. Satan flaunts his evil, but his time is limited. The king of evil will ultimately be defeated by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

As you read, don’t get bogged down in every little detail. Read for the clear, unmistakable plot and its resolve. Satan, death, and evil will be cast into the lake of fire. God and His people will live forever in the glorious prepared place called Heaven. All who worship the King of Glory will spend eternity with Him. There will be no more pain or sorrow. Every tear will be wiped away by the tender Hand of the Almighty Himself. Plain and simple, WE WIN! EVIL LOSES! And it isn’t even a close contest.

So go ahead, skip to the end of the book. Read the last pages. As God’s children, settle down in His everlasting arms—we win. Then go back and read the rest of the book knowing how good the end will be. Cast your eye to the eastern sky for your redemption draws nigh!