One of the most important elements in any movie or play is casting the leading roles. Bringing together the best actors and actresses leads to an incredible production on screen or on stage. The same is true in ministry. If we want the best possible ministries, we must put together the right team.

Often those in ministry leadership positions, especially those on church staff, think they must do all the ministry themselves. I know I did in my first leadership role. But I quickly realized this ministry was not something I could accomplish on my own. I needed to surround myself with people who had experience and expertise in the areas in which I didn’t. Ultimately, this helped our team to best serve and meet the needs of the people in our church.

We can follow Jesus Christ’s model as we put together a ministry team.

1. Jesus called those who were willing to follow His lead

Find people who wholeheartedly seek after God and follow Him in obedience. If someone is living under God’s authority, then that reflects this person’s ability to follow earthly leadership as well.

2. Jesus called those willing to make sacrifices

Many of Jesus’ followers made radical sacrifices. Zacchaeus commits to not only restore what he embezzled but to restore four times the amount. Sometimes ministry involves sacrifice, so find someone who is willing to go beyond what is comfortable and convenient to meet the needs of your ministry.

3. Jesus called those willing to be bold when others weren’t

Find people who are willing to serve both in good and challenging seasons of ministry. These people must be bold and brave when things like gossip, envy or other issues threaten to disrupt or derail the work of your ministry. Find team members who will stand in opposition to these things.

As I prayed, planned and put together my first ministry team, I saw God work in amazing ways. Here are nine additional questions to consider as you do the same:

• Is this person passionate in their walk with God?
• Is this person fulfilling their God-given responsibility at home?
• Does their schedule and season of life allow for this commitment?
• Is their family supportive of their involvement?
• Does this person currently cultivate relationships with other people?
• Do their spiritual gifts and abilities fit the role that needs to be filled?
• Does this person work well on a team?
• Do their beliefs correspond with the church leadership?
• Does this person have a servant’s heart?

As I look back on the early days of my ministry, putting together a team was one of my greatest joys. These team members supported me on difficult days and celebrated with me on great days. I pray you cast your leading roles to do the same.

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