Thanks for reading. I’m giving six elements I’m looking forward to at Oklahoma Baptists’ Annual Meeting next week.

If you’re planning to be there, let me know!

1. Hear H.B. Charles preach

One of my favorite preachers is H.B. Charles. He will be there for the Pastors’ Conference, which meets on Monday, Nov. 15, at Oklahoma City, Southern Hills.

I’ve heard him speak on two occasions. Once at the Priority of Preaching Conference and the other time was at Falls Creek during the summer youth weeks.

H.B. is a great leader among pastors. His demeanor is calm but confident and wise.

“Man-centered worship services, therapeutic preaching, exciting programs may fill the pews, but it won’t make disciples,” Charles said during the 2015 Priority of Preaching Conference. “If you are going to make disciples, somebody’s got to teach.”

2. Hear Brett Selby preach

Brett Selby is also scheduled to preach during the Pastors’ Conference. I’ve known Brett for a long time. He’s been a great advisor for me as far as finding writers for different topics to feature in the Baptist Messenger. He’s also submitted some great articles himself.

As far as I can recall, this may be the first time I have heard Brett preach. And I think it is a great opportunity, considering he used to be an advisor for the Pastors’ Conference. His new role as a regional ministry partner with Oklahoma Baptists has him focus on different ministry aspects, and Pastors’ Conference president Nick Atyia honored Brett by having him speak at this year’s conference, in appreciation for his previous role.

If you would like to know more about the Pastors’ Conference, check out Nick’s article about the conference featuring “Good Gospel fun”. Or to get a schedule and list of other Pastors’ Conference speakers visit

3. Installation of Todd Fisher

The Annual Meeting will feature the installation of the 10th executive director-treasurer, which says a lot about Oklahoma Baptists since we have been existence as a state convention for 115 years. Todd Fisher will follow a list of legendary leaders when he will be taking on this important role.

The Baptist Messenger had the opportunity to ask Fisher a list of questions in order to help Oklahoma Baptists get to know him better. You can check out this Q&A article here.

4. Michael Butler serving as president

Michael Butler is currently serving as president of Oklahoma Baptist. He was first vice president but got promoted with Fisher about to take on his new role. Michael is pastor of Chickasha, First, and this will be my first time to hear him preach—or at least give the presidential address.

I’ve read many articles that Michael has written. He wrote an editorial earlier this year for the Baptist Messenger. Check out “There is no second string.”

“There is no second string in the church,” Michael wrote. “In Christ, we are each empowered with spiritual gifts in order that we might encourage one another and advance the Gospel.”

It’s rather fitting that he wrote this column because Michael is now in a “first string role,” leading Oklahoma Baptists during this year’s Annual Meeting.

5. “One Choir”

I’ve heard bits and pieces about an interesting choral presentation on Monday night, Nov. 15, during the first session of the Annual Meeting. From what I’ve been told a great choir will perform with different languages singing yet representing unity, which goes along with the Annual Meeting’s theme of “One.”

I don’t know exactly what to expect but from those “in the know,” it should be a powerful performance. I guess we will have to find out for ourselves.

6. There will be dippin’ dots

I have an inside source who told me WatersEdge will be offering dippin’ dots at this year’s Annual Meeting. This is a longtime tradition, and if you’ve been in the past, you know how this is a favorite feature.

It represents the great fellowship that happens every year at the Annual Meeting. I always enjoy connecting with longtime friends and making new ones every year at the Annual Meeting.

I hope you will be at Oklahoma City, Southern Hills, beginning with the Pastors’ Conference at 9 a.m. on Nov. 15 and continuing throughout the day and evening and on through Tuesday, Nov. 16.

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