Today is Juneteenth, an increasingly recognized day on the calendar, and I wanted to highlight some important articles, podcasts and links I have seen over recent days on the topic of racial reconciliation.

While I personally have written before on the topic, today I want to highlight others’ voices who have spoken in insightful ways on these issues, including the following:


“Responding to Racial Injustice—A Three Part Series.

Hance Dilbeck interviews Pastors Major Jemison, Anthony Scott and Rick Thompson on how the church can respond to racial injustice.”

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

Watch Part 3


Responding to racial injustice By Dr. Hance Dilbeck | Click here

What’s really going on? By Dr. Walter Wilson | Click here

An Echo that won’t go away By Dr. Emerson Falls | Click here


In this “Building Bridges” video series, you will hear “a group of Oklahoma Baptists pastors talk about racial reconciliation in churches. This video was produced by the Capital Association in 2017.” Click here.

While there are many other helpful articles and resources, these are just a few examples that I think bring helpful ideas to the table. God help us…