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YEC: the biggest back-to-school party in Oklahoma

by Mason Phillips All summer, I’ve been giving you the inside scoop to our state’s longest running, highest attended and best-known camp. Now that youth weeks of Falls Creek are over, it’s time for me to get ready to go back to Oklahoma Baptist University. But, not until I give you a glimpse into one of the top youth events for southern Baptists, the Youth Evangelism Conference (YEC). This is one of the best ways students can get...

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Behind the Creek: Getting sporty

by Mason Phillips DAVIS—Think back to summer camp. Wherever that was for you, there may be a fond memory there of writing home and telling mom and dad all about the activities one spent doing that day. You can almost hear it now, “Dear Mom and Dad, Camp is wonderful. Today, I climbed the tower all by myself! Then there was a volleyball game, and our team won. Later, we all went to the lake and played water games. I love camp.” Well,...

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Behind the Creek: Unsung heroes

by Mason Phillips DAVIS—I’d like to tell you that I drove to Falls Creek and met every one of the many staffers hired from universities, colleges and small towns across our state and even outside the border. But that would be nearly impossible. If I had the time, I would write volumes so you could learn every name and every face of that camp and understand how much they really do. They are all the unsung heroes. They hand you your...

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Behind the Creek: Lights, camera, action

by Mason Phillips DAVIS—My trip to Falls Creek was different this time. In the past, I’ve gone to the Creek to meet with an individual and find out how they contribute to the operations of the camp. This time around, I wanted to see what it was like inside the booth. How does a camp run a multi-media service five days a week like Falls Creek does? It takes more than one person, so I got to meet the team. I once saw a documentary of a...

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Behind the Creek: Chad Fielding

by Mason Phillips DAVIS—On this particular day, I arrived to find out how this beautiful camp we know and love stays safe and clean. I jumped on my usual golf cart escort with my dear friend, Bill Bergstrom, and asked him to take me to Chad Fielding, Falls Creek operations manager. Bill was happy to know that this week’s story was about Chad. “When you follow Chad on his job, you never know what you’re going to get or what’s going to...

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