The 53 churches of Cimarron Association work together in several ministries, including church revitalization, disaster relief and missions, said Scott Morie who serves as Cimarron’s director of missions.

“Drumright, First is a good example of a church that had been in decline for 20 years,” Morie said. “They could see, if they didn’t do something different, they would die, and they accepted the challenge to revitalize.”

Morie noticed last year, even during the pandemic, that Drumright, First was making strides.

“They are much more involved in the community,” he said. “They’re doing outreach now. They’re making physical changes to their building, updating it.”

Cimarron Association has an “exciting” Disaster Relief (DR) ministry, Morie said. A second barn recently was built for the fleet of DR trailers, including Oklahoma’s only fully-devoted laundry trailer. The unit’s four washers and five dryers can handle 30 loads of laundry a day.

“We have 135 trained team members in our association, and our most active is the chain saw team,” Morie said. “Our DR group is a great ministry to be a part of. I think every one of our churches could learn from our DR team.”

Cimarron Baptist Association is in the early stages of a partnership with Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Association had two vision teams travel to Calgary before COVID hit. Calgary is about 1,800 miles northwest of Cushing, though the vision teams took an airplane.

Oklahoma Baptists’ former executive director Hance Dilbeck suggested Calgary, Morie said, because “Oklahoma Baptists have a partnership with Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), and it has done so well we need to move on to another community.”

Morie starts his morning with God, reading the Bible, praying for pastors and memorizing Scripture.

“God directs the people I talk with,” Morie said. “He gives me the words to say. God gives me great passion and energy for the ministry of a director of missions.”

Because of the generous giving of Oklahoma Baptists through the Cooperative Program, an amazing array of ministries are supported. This unified giving encourages fellowship with other believers all over the world. Collectively, Oklahoma Baptists are advancing the Gospel together.

Scott Morie was featured in the 2021 Missionary Prayer Guide for Oklahoma Baptists. To see Morie’s prayer requests, visit