This month’s article is dedicated to the very special people upon our future most rests. That vital group is pastors and church leaders. Today’s leaders face spiritual attacks and pressures like few generations in American history. If ever there was a time church leaders needed encouragement and prayerful support that time is now! It is also vital that we go deeper than the occasional “bless them” prayers that characterize far too many. We must learn to pray biblically, consistently and specifically.

Churches seldom rise above the spiritual power of their leaders. Conversely, leaders seldom rise above the depth and effectiveness of those who pray for them. Oklahoma is blessed with some of the finest pastors and church leaders in America. May God find us faithful in praying specifically and powerfully for our leaders. To encourage effective support for our leaders, consider 10 Bible-based prayers for regular intercession.

1. Pray for your pastor and leaders to have an overwhelming sense of God’s presence and power. Pray that all areas of their lives will be God-focused and surrendered to Christ. (Dan. 11:32; John 15:4-8)

2. Pray that he has deep conviction of sin, reverential fear of God and full surrender to Christ’s Lordship. Pray for his eyes to be open and his heart sensitive to the enemy’s subtle attempt to get him into compromise and sin. Pray that he walks victoriously by grace through faith and avoids legalism. (2 Cor. 7:10; Phil. 2:6)

3. Pray for your shepherd and leaders to daily experience the mighty anointing, power and fullness of the Holy Spirit. Pray that he will daily seek spiritual unction from above. Pray that the joy of the Lord will ever be his strength. (Acts 1:4-5; Eph. 5:18; Neh. 8:10)

4. Pray for a wall of protection from the world, flesh and devil. Pray that he would recognize the wiles of Satan and that every thought be taken captive to Christ. (2 Cor. 10:3-5; Eph. 6:10-13)

5. Pray for your pastor and leaders to have powerful mountain-moving prayer lives through deep daily abiding in Christ. (John 15:4-5; James 5:16)

6. Pray for your pastor and leaders to have deep spiritual passion with fervent love for God and people. Pray that they will observe a personal Sabbath rest and not become burned-out. (Matt. 22:37-39; 1 John 4:7-11)

7. Pray for your pastor and leaders to be filled with holy boldness, courage and mountain-moving faith. (Josh. 1:6, 9, 18; Matt. 17:20; Heb. 11:6)

8. Pray for your pastor to preach God’s whole counsel and not give in to the fear of men. Pray that he will not fall victim to the modern trends of preaching that is unbalanced and shallow. (Acts 5:29; 20:27; 2 Tim. 2:15)

9. Pray for your pastor and leaders to have keen sensitivity to God’s voice. Pray that they will lead by God’s revelation rather than the ideas and plans of men. (Prov. 14:12; John 10:27; Eph. 5:16)

10. Pray for him to have godly relationships and powerful protection upon his family. Pray that he leads his household in strong family prayer. Pray that his household will be an example of godliness. (Matt. 5:23-24; 6:14-15; Eph. 5:25-6:4; 1 Peter 3:7)

From, Praying God’s Heart In Times Like These. For information, contact the BGCO Office of Prayer at or 405/942-3800.