From time to time, events converge that create strategic moments for united prayer. Two such events are on the immediate horizon: Prayer at the Capitol with Franklin Graham (April 27) and the National Day of Prayer (May 5.) In light of the urgency of current conditions, united prayer has never been more urgent! Both events deserve highest participation from believers in Oklahoma. Prayerfully consider participation in each special prayer event.

Graham is traveling to all 50 states to conduct prayer meetings at state capitols. The well-known son of Billy Graham said, “At the age of 62, I’ve lived long enough to learn that neither the Democrats nor Republicans can turn this country around: no political party or politician is the answer. The only hope for this nation is Almighty God and His Son, Jesus Christ.”

Graham’s purpose is to challenge believers to live out their Christian faith and pray for their nation and leaders. He is encouraging Christians to seek God’s face, do their civic duty and vote. While Graham promotes no political party or candidates, He will be calling believers to prayer and proclaiming the Gospel. The Decision America Prayer Rally for Oklahoma is at noon, April 27, at the State Capitol south parking lot (2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City.) For complete information, visit

This year, the National Day of Prayer (NDOP) theme is “Wake Up America.” Beyond question, both the theme and official prayer are God-inspired and urgent. This year’s chairman, Tony Evans, wrote a special prayer to be read simultaneously throughout the nation on May 5. The prayer meetings that follow can create a mighty wave of prayer throughout the entire nation.

As always, the NDOP organization provides a wealth of promotional materials and prayer guides. For complete information, visit The NDOP meeting for the Oklahoma City region will be at the State Capitol, at noon, May 5. Churches are encouraged to promote NDOP meetings in every Oklahoma city and county. Dear saints if not now, when?

Next fall, Gregory Frizzell Ministries is releasing the revised Forty Days of Seeking God: Praying for Revival, Elections and Key Leaders. The tool is designed to bring believers and churches into repentance, revival and restored passion for souls. It is also formatted as a daily prayer focus for spiritual awakening and God’s direction on America. While the book is in no way about politics, it is about crying out for God’s mercy and direction. Primarily, this resources is a church-wide journey of prayer and revival.

Forty Days of Seeking God will be available both in print or electronically. There will be both an expanded study version and/or a smaller prayer journey. Available also will be optional weekly videos that can be viewed by entire congregations  or small groups. The anticipated release is in July. One thing is certain—today’s conditions demands unprecedented prayer and repentance! On April 27, May 5 and next Fall, may God find Oklahoma Baptists on their knees.