DAVIS—Falls Creek 2016 marks the 99th assembly of youth camp at Falls Creek.  That’s right, we are only one short year away from celebrating 100 years of Falls Creek!

What a privilege it is we have as Oklahomans, that every summer in those Arbuckle Mountains, we get to witness God meet with teenagers and adults and transform lives at our eight weeks of youth camp.

Our theme for Falls Creek 2016 is “ONE.” The focus of our teaching will be  equipping students for evangelism. Our focal verse is Isa. 45:22, “Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the Earth; For I am God, and there is no other.”

The reality is, many voices are calling out to this generation with the promise of hope and fulfillment. Political ideologies, humanitarian efforts, charities, and social agendas all proclaim that societal change and personal fulfillment can be found in them. However, absent of Christ, they all fall short. This summer, our desire is to focus the hearts of students on the Person of the one, true God and let Him transform their lives and reveal their personal mission and purpose.

During the week, we will break down the different parts of Isa. 45:22 to explain the Gospel, its mission, and our calling. The first part of Isa. 45:22 says, “Turn to Me and be saved.” On Tuesday mornings during the Morning Worship Service, we will explain the Gospel using the One Great Hope evangelism tract. Students will hear a clear explanation of the Gospel and learn how to use the tract to share their faith with others.

On Wednesdays, the lesson will shift to “all the ends of the Earth.” We will study the command we have to take the Gospel to everyone, starting at home and spreading to the remotest towns and villages of the world.

Then on Thursdays, we will address the part of the focal verse that says, “For I am God.” During this session, we will address all the voices that make this claim, those we call “the pretenders.” It is so easy to let someone or something other than God become God in our lives. We want students to be able to recognize “the pretenders” from the one, true God.

Finally, on Friday, we will focus wholly on the person of God. The last part of Isa. 45:22 says, “and there is no other.” The emphasis of that day’s teaching will be to magnify and exalt the Lord, the God Who is above all gods. Middle school and high school students will meet together that morning in the tabernacle for this special interactive service.

Again this year we have created a film, which emphasizes the scriptural principles we will teach each day in the Morning Worship Service. The film is called “ONE,” and is the story of a group of students who use the most unlikely of methods to rescue the heart of a friend, who has abandoned them after the divorce of his parents.

For more information about Falls Creek 2016, go to skopos.org/fallscreek.