“My life was transformed at Falls Creek last week.” So goes the testimony of many who have spent a week at the Creek. Over the last two Sundays, in two different churches, it has been my privilege to hear testimony of the powerful experiences of their young people. Their witness is consistent, and it centers on transformed lives. I never tire of hearing young people express with exuberance how God met them and spoke to them.

At one church the youth minister shared that 12 had repented and turned to Christ as Savior and Lord. My home church has already baptized 19 young people, and several have responded to God’s call on their lives for a lifetime of missions and ministry. Just as exciting was listening to young people share of their fervent prayer for lost friends and rejoicing as they saw their prayers answered. How thrilling to hear about friends leading friends to faith in Christ.

I love the energy and enthusiasm of young people. I especially love it when they are expressing joy about the things of God. Walking into the tabernacle and sensing the energy, excitement and spiritual fervency displayed by our youth is an indescribable experience. Six to seven thousand of them in one room declaring praise to God is something to behold.

Can you believe it? God searched the world and chose to give Falls Creek to Oklahoma Baptists! We don’t deserve it, but glory to God for His abundant grace and kindness toward us.

One thing that caught my attention during the testimony services was the number of times youth and sponsors said thank you to the church family for praying. I would suggest that the secret of Falls Creek lies in the targeted prayer for the people who attend. I cannot think of another place on Earth where more consistent and fervent prayer is targeted toward it than Falls Creek. Many of you are part of the prayer band that prays regularly during the summer for God’s power to fall. Church after church calls upon its members to pray specifically by name for youth and sponsors. It is no secret what God can do—and He does it in direct response to prayer.

There seems to be an unusual anointing at Falls Creek this summer. (See report at left) I give thanks to God for the work of the Holy Spirit. We are grateful to God for the staff and leaders who give themselves away so that young people may have one of the greatest experiences of their lives. Most of all, we rejoice that hundreds are transformed for eternity because of the time they spend at the Creek.

Thank you, Oklahoma Baptists, for giving to the Cooperative Program so this ministry may continue to grow and touch thousands. Thank you for the thousands who have given so we can have a wonderful place to worship Christ our Savior and effectively communicate the Gospel in sight and sound for a new generation. Every sacrifice has proven a thousand times and beyond to be worth it.