In just a few days, another anniversary of Roe v. Wade will come to pass. Few decisions by the United States Supreme Court have stirred more controversy over a longer period of time. Since that fateful day in January 1972, 50 million babies have died at the hands of the abortionist.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about an abortion clinic in Tulsa. It is trying to kill a new law that would require such clinics to show a pregnant client an ultrasound of her unborn child before an abortion could be performed. I suggested that for Planned Parenthood clinics such as the one in Tulsa, the bottom line is money.

Well, pro-choice advocates have now sunk to a new low. A Planned Parenthood Clinic in Indiana preceded Christmas by offering the opportunity to buy gift certificates. These certificates were good for a wide range of health screenings, etc. However, when asked, the clinic’s spokesperson suggested that indeed the gift certificates could be used for an abortion. This takes the abortion issue to the level of the absurd!

Can you imagine the conversation at the clinic’s front desk? “May I help you?” (What they really mean is, “Good morning. May we help you kill your unborn child?”) “By the way, before I ring this up-do you have a gift certificate?” “Well, yes, I am here for my abortion-and, oh, yes, I brought my gift certificate!”

This is a far cry from the care given to a woman who enters a Hope Pregnancy Center. She doesn’t need a gift certificate because the services are free. In most HPCs, she is shown a sonogram (at no cost) of her unborn child. This is done not because it is the law in Oklahoma, but rather so the young woman can understand she is carrying a real, live, unborn child. She is given facts and lots of love-and one other thing. She is promised that she will not travel this road alone. She will have friends who will support her and guide her.

Twenty-three years ago, a young woman in Tulsa called a pregnancy hotline at Oklahoma Baptist Children’s Home (now Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children). She received counsel, love and support, and then she gave birth to a baby girl. The young woman asked that the child be placed in a preacher’s home, and her request was honored.

This week, Polla and I will move that baby girl to Southwestern Seminary. She will pursue a Master of Christian Education degree with an emphasis in youth ministry.

Oklahoma Baptists’ stand against abortion is not about money-it is about life. We don’t sell gift certificates-we offer love, support and ministry that cost the recipient nothing. I’m glad the young woman in Tulsa did not get an ad for Planned Parenthood! Glad she called Oklahoma Baptists!

Alisha is better than any gift certificate. She is a godly and awesome young lady who could have been aborted. Instead, she will live a life that makes a difference. Keep your gift certificates, Planned Parenthood. We got the gift!