Again, Oklahoma Baptists stand at the threshold of a tremendous opportunity to express our beliefs to our elected officials. On Wednesday, Feb. 4, we will host the 18th Annual Rose Day at the State Capitol. Throughout the day, Oklahoma Southern Baptists and other pro-life advocates will be encouraging our state’s legislature to protect the unborn through pro-life legislation.

Hundreds of pro-life supporters will gather to present our Governor, Lt. Governor and legislators with a red rose signifying the sanctity of human life.

This year’s Rose Day speaker, Jane Brennan, is a former militant, anti-Catholic feminist, former member of NOW and former Planned Parenthood volunteer. Now, a post-abortive woman herself, Brennan shares her story of healing and hope after abortion and her amazing conversion when she attended church during her search for faith. She now devotes her ministry to speaking about the hurt and shame of abortion to reach out to those who are afraid to begin the healing process.

Messengers to the 2008 BGCO Annual Meeting unanimously passed this resolution in support of sanctity of human life:

“We, the messengers to the 2008 Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, meeting at The Church at BattleCreek of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Nov. 10-11, 2008, recognize the sanctity of human life as created by God. Understanding that abortion is one of the greatest evils of our time, we therefore encourage Oklahoma Southern Baptists to take an active role in doing all they can to promote the sanctity of human life. We commend and applaud the tireless efforts of all Oklahomans who play a significant role in the passage of pro-life legislation. We also appreciate governmental leaders who courageously vote for life. Recognizing Rose Day, planned for Feb. 4, 2009 as a peaceful, unique, powerful and effective way to demonstrate our convictions concerning the sanctity of human life, we therefore encourage and challenge all Oklahoma Baptists to pray for, promote and attend this significant event.”

Rose distribution begins at 10:30 a.m., prior to the Rose Day Rally, on the 4th Floor Rotunda. Participants are encouraged to bring and deliver a red rose to the office of each of their legislators encouraging them to protect the lives of the unborn and ask those who are not pro-life to support pro-life issues. District maps and listings are posted near the registration tables to help with ease of finding offices and legislators. You can also locate your legislator and their office assignment before the event by visiting the Legislative Locator at After Rose Distribution, the Rose Day Rally will begin at 11:45 a.m. in the House Chamber. Legislators who attend the rally in support of life will be recognized.

Over the last several years, significant pro-life legislation has passed because Oklahoma Baptists and other pro-life advocates made their voices known at the Capitol. This legislative session presents another grand opportunity to move forward in the battle to protect one of God’s most precious creations-human life. Will you stand with us at the Capitol this Rose Day? When the church stands united, we can and will influence the decisions made by our legislators.

We are asking you to encourage your congregation to take part in Rose Day by attending and presenting roses to your legislators. Our goal is to host another record-breaking crowd in attendance at Rose Day and pray that more than 2,000 pro-life citizens attend. For more information or to download artwork for bulletins, newsletters, etc., visit