More than a quarter of a century ago, James Dobson declared that we were in a “cultural war” in America. I remember hearing those words for the first time and felt that his words aptly described the war for the moral and spiritual soul of this great nation. In recent weeks, events have occurred that underscore the reality of his words for our day though spoken years ago.

There is no doubt that many, if not most of us, have serious concerns about Obamacare. Those concerns have become reality in recent days with the declaration that religious organizations such as hospitals and colleges must provide medical insurance that covers contraceptives, morning-after abortion pills and sterilization. Personal perspective on the above issues is not nearly as important as standing against the strong-handed government interference, intolerance and disrespect for deeply held religious beliefs. These requirements set in Obamacare violate the protection of religious faith, which runs deep in the constitution and American history.

This egregious act only serves notice that other vile violations from a government run wild are in the offing. I suggest that one day there will be attempts (actually, there already have been) to require religious organizations that are faith-based, not the local church, to ignore belief and bow to government interference on moral issues. The day will come when Oklahoma Baptist University, Baptist Village Communities, The Baptist Foundation of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children and the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma itself will be pressured and, if the slippery slide continues, forced to include homosexuals as protected in our hiring practices. I am not using scare tactics, just suggesting that the Obamacare insurance issue is a first step to the abyss.

Another prominent cultural war battlefront has been the decision by the Susan G. Komen Foundation to first defund Planned Parenthood (better named Planned Death for Unborn Children) and then reverse that decision under political pressure to reinstate the funding. The Komen Foundation has done a remarkable job of bringing awareness and dollars to fight breast cancer; sad that a portion of every dollar given to them will help support the largest abortion provider in America. Yes, I know that the funding does not provide abortions, but the Komen Foundation is assisting an organization that is committed to the destruction of the unborn.

Few battles in the cultural war have been greater than the fight to protect marriage as between a man and woman. The citizens of California passed Proposition 8, which declared marriage as between a man and a woman, thus eliminating homosexual marriage as valid. This last week, a liberal federal circuit court of three judges overturned the will of the people and reversed the position of American law throughout our history. A three-member liberal legislative body (what an oxymoron) made this decision!

What are we to do in the face of such overwhelming odds as America continues to become more aggressive in its turn from Judeo-Christian ethics? What do we do when leaders seek to make us bow to the liberal moral laws that defy our faith?

Some years ago, Alan Day and I were discussing the cultural war. He made a statement I will never forget. “Anthony, God did not call us to win these battles, He called us to stand and fight.” Day’s words were correct then and are correct now. We may lose some of these moral battles and even the cultural war itself, but our job is to stand. Stand in the power of His might. Stand on the truth of Scripture, even when leaders and the majority ignore it and persecute us for doing so. When you have done all—STAND!

Anthony L. Jordan is executive director-treasurer of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.