Prayer is one of the great privileges of the Christian life. Truth of the matter is that any sincere prayer warrior has a prayer list a mile long. The needs that surround us are multi-faceted. If we believe prayer truly has an impact, then we stay quite busy.

One of the areas that we too often bypass is prayers for “kings and others in high positions.” While we do not have a king, we do have leaders who make our laws. If one reads Paul’s words to Timothy, it is clear that our prayers are powerful and can influence our well-being.

Because of Rose Day, Oklahoma Baptists and other Oklahomans gather at the State Capitol at the beginning of each legislative session. We have the opportunity to meet and greet many of our legislative and executive leaders for the state of Oklahoma. I have had the opportunity to get to know many of these folks across the years. These two branches of government have a large number of Christians serving in “high positions.” What a blessing!

This should motivate us to pray for these leaders more than ever. Yes, there are Christian leaders who fly under both parties. Each deserves our prayers on their behalf. Notice Paul does say we pray for those who think, act and hold to the same politics we do. Pray for all who are in leadership regardless of their political affiliation.

Our Oklahoma leaders are faced with some weighty issues. The political divide in our state, and nationally, is more pronounced than ever before. Because of this, little room is left for compromise and resolution.

Therefore, I want to call on Oklahoma Baptists to take seriously the words of Paul particularly over the next four months. The issues that impact our children, senior adults and others who are vulnerable are on the table. If the legislators and executive leaders find a path for resolution, our lives in the state will get better, so it behooves us to pray for them.

Obviously, at the center of prayer should be the request that God gives these leaders wisdom. Pray that He will give the ability to choose between the good and the best for the people of Oklahoma. Ask the Father to enlighten them in ways that will result in righteous and just actions. May they write laws that make life better—more peaceful for us all.

Too often we look at all politicians through the same lens. One fails, and we become suspect of all, but that should not happen. Yes, some are there for self-promotion, but the majority are fellow citizens who serve because they want Oklahoma to be a great state in which to live. These leaders want to build a better state for our children and grandchildren. They work hard and give of themselves freely.

So I ask you to pray for our leaders. Contact them and express your opinions, but do so in a Christ-like way. Send them emails and notes letting them know you are praying for them.

At Rose Day, the Senate Majority leader made a very important statement. He thanked the crowd for coming to the capitol and for expressing their opinions with a grace-filled and Christ-like manner. His statement made me proud of our people. That should always be our way. Our leaders should be treated with respect.

Therefore, my dear Baptist family, let us pray for our governor, lieutenant governor and legislators. It is in the best interest of us all, and it is very biblical to do so.