Technology is a wonderful thing. It offers many advantages, and can help to make life easier. But technology is not always as precise and reliable as we think. I know!

Polla and I were on our way to a national meeting in Texas. As we made our way through the hill country, we were relying on our electronic mapping equipment to guide us. I listened to that woman’s unpleasant voice telling me every turn to take, and I followed her precise instruction. Actually, the sound of that voice was so annoying, it made me want to throw the device out the window.

A major factor in using this new technology is trust. We must follow the instructions, believing them to be accurate. I trusted—and the result was very interesting. We were about five miles from a small town when the irritating voice told me to turn onto a farm road. I thought it highly unusual, but did as I was told. (Of course, I always do just as I am told !?!?!?!)

We stayed on the road until directed to turn again. At that point, I told Polla we were going in a big detour and would end up right back on the same road we had left. Sure enough, for some odd reason, we were taken on a wild goose chase by technology and that lady’s awful computer voice. I was highly exercised over that little episode. I am fully capable of creating my own detours!

Have you noticed that most of us are very comfortable listening and obeying technology, but find it very difficult to hear the voice of God and to obey Him?

The most important GPS for our lives is the Word of God. We can be assured that its instruction is accurate all the time. No detours and no mistakes. It can be trusted in every circumstance and situation. In good times and bad, we will never receive a bum steer. In the midst of confusion, God’s Word sets us on a stable and steady path. When the storms of life shake our world, the Word will guide us beside the still water.

I have found that with God, apparent detours are not detours at all. They are often nothing more than God taking us on the scenic route to His destination.

I am thankful that we not only have the spiritual road map in the Scripture but we also have a navigation system in the Holy Spirit. If we are His children, He promises to guide us. Our responsibility is to trust. Fortunately, His GPS will not fail us. He will always guide us along the right roads in life.

Polla and I reached our destination, but we did so after taking an unwanted and unfruitful side trip. Children of God will get to their destination. The tragedy is that so many of us will make side trips that are unnecessary and meaningless. God is willing to show us His way in the Word, and He has given the Holy Spirit to interpret the map for us. His voice is pleasant, and He will never lead us astray. We do not have to take side trips.

An old song is appropriate here: “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”