After years of dreams, prayer, hard work and generous giving, the launching of a new day at Falls Creek will become reality May 26. On that day, thousands of Oklahoma Baptists and friends will walk through the doors of the new tabernacle to experience the first worship service in the new 7,250 seat, climate-controlled facility.

In the last few weeks, I have been asked by reporters to describe my feelings in anticipation of the event. What will be the most exciting part of the dedication service? My answer is, “All of it.” But I do confess I am most looking forward to hearing the room filled with praise to our Savior and Lord. He alone is worthy. He alone deserves praise and glory for this great accomplishment. I want the room filled with His glory! I get chill bumps just contemplating the moment our voices are lifted in praise.

My heart overflows in thanksgiving to God for His great work of generosity through His people. As of this writing, 6,800 families have given to make this remarkable facility a reality. We began this campaign to raise the funds by saying that a new tabernacle is a “God-sized dream.” Wow! I had no idea of how God-sized it really was!

Yet, if we are to step out on faith-to dream dreams of mighty things that can be accomplished only through the power of God-we must expect challenges beyond our ability to achieve on our own. My prayer from the beginning was that in one mighty declaration we could say, “God did it through us.” Indeed, we shall shout those words together because it has now become reality.

As we come together to celebrate this great historic event of the opening of the tabernacle, I must, one more time, remind us of the main thing. It is not the building of a building. The main thing is the ministry that will be accomplished through the building. This is a building dedicated to the transformation of people through the power of the Gospel and the whole counsel of God as revealed in the Bible. Falls Creek is dedicated to transformational ministry. I pray that no one who walks through the doors of the tabernacle will be able to leave the same as when they entered.

The dedication will be a setting aside of this building of steel, wood and stone to the glory of God. Our act of dedication will be a cry to the Almighty to fill this brick and mortar with the presence of His Holy Spirit. Otherwise, this building will be no different than an arena dedicated to sports and concerts. But it will be different! This is, and will be, holy ground.

I hope you will be with us. This is not something to hear about. It will be an unforgettable moment in history. I can’t wait! See you there.