Sometimes life seems to throw some tough and crippling experiences our way. Over the past few months I have had several friends face some of the harshest of life’s experiences. Death, tragedy and heartache have interrupted the serene and tranquil movement of life.

Through the months, I have observed the way these godly and strong believers have faced difficult and painful times with an inner strength that only comes from the Lord. Though crushed by life’s severest blows, they have faced their situations with grace and peace. That does not mean they have not felt pain or struggled to understand, but they have walked this hard path with a confidence that goes beyond human reason.

Over the years, my observation of suffering and grief have caused me to conclude two very significant things: body life is important, and God’s grace and comfort is enough.

What do I mean by body life? I am speaking of the wonderful and amazing gift of a church family and Christian friends coming together. When you hunker down in the storm, you are not alone. God’s wonderful people surround you. One of the greatest blessings is the gift of presence. God’s people come alongside to comfort and encourage. They weep with you; they allow you to struggle without condemnation, and they fall to their knees with you and on your behalf.

God’s people pray. Families dealing with tragedy and death are surrounded by the prayers of the church. When critical illness strikes and the doctors can give little hope, God’s people bend their knees and cry out for healing. They pray with you, and you hear and feel the deep anguish of their souls, as they beseech the Father for you and loved ones in need.

Lost people just don’t experience this.

Above all, it is easy to see the grace of God buoy those who are sinking under the weight of the burden in their lives. When death occurs, His grace provides comfort from the Father. Yes, He is the Father of all comfort. Our broken hearts would know no relief if it were not for the soothing presence God provides. When human words and touch are not enough, His grace is sufficient. He is there in the hospital room with us. He walks through the valley of death every step of the way.

Lost people just don’t experience this.

God’s people face these times with unusual peace, confidence and hope. They are not oblivious to the pain of suffering, critical illness or death; yet, they are not landlocked with their grief. They know their hope is in a resurrected and coming-again Lord who overshadows them with His deep and abiding love. They can face uncertain days because He lives!

We are the redeemed of the Lord. He will never leave us or forsake us—nor will His people!