Anyone who reads this column on a regular basis knows how much I love camps. While much of my attention is focused on Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center because of the sheer magnitude of its ministry, it is not our only camp. We are privileged to have a children’s mission camp near Davis called CrossTimbers Children’s Mission Adventure Camp.

Maybe a little history on CrossTimbers would be helpful. CrossTimbers was born out of the combination of the GA camp called Nunny Cha-ha located up the hill from Falls Creek and the RA camp called Hudgens, which was located near McAlester. The new ministry was called CrossTimbers and became a coed camp for children that gives priority to teaching about missions. The Gospel is clearly proclaimed in evening services, and many children come to faith in Christ.

Three years ago, we had the opportunity to purchase, with a gift from Hobby Lobby, an Assembly of God camp just over the hill from Falls Creek. This location centralized our camping ministry. The camp was in pretty good condition, but following the purchase,  the convention invested nearly $1 million on upgrades, recreation, and infrastructure. CrossTimbers is a beautiful facility designed to serve children in the summer, and can accommodate church events during the rest of the year.

The old CrossTimbers camp near McAlester is for sale. Nunny Cha-ha is now used to house Falls Creek staffers.

As important as facilities are, the ministry is far more important. Consider that since moving the coed camp from McAlester, attendance at CrossTimbers has almost doubled. That means nearly 5,000 children and sponsors attend during the summer. There has been an accompanying increase in decisions for Christ.

The one thing that distinguishes CrossTimbers from so many other camps is its focus on missions. Glenn Barber, camp program director, and his staff teach and intertwine the story of missions from the front door of the church to the ends of the Earth, day in and day out. Children meet and hear about missionaries who give their lives to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

I am very proud that, in creative and clear ways, the CrossTimbers staff teach children about the Cooperative Program and how it works. Unfortunately, so many Baptists grow up without understanding the fundamental way Southern Baptists fund their mission work.

I have parents tell me often of how excited their children are when they return home from CrossTimbers. These children have had an enormous amount of fun, met new friends, and been touched deeply by God’s Word.

CrossTimbers is one of the treasures of Oklahoma Baptist life. We are thankful for those who served at Hudgens and Nunny Cha-ha. We are humbled by the generosity of Hobby Lobby in giving us this beautiful facility called CrossTimbers. Most of all, we rejoice in the faithful team led by Glenn Barber who leads the ministry of CrossTimbers.