ReConnect-Regional-Clinics-2015Effective leaders grow. There is never a point at which a true leader has arrived. Effective leaders take opportunities to soak up new information, explore new directions, and sharpen needed skills in their work and with people. Their constant desire to improve feeds consistent success.

Leaders also know how to follow. They seek knowledge, experience, and wisdom from others they can then pass on to those coming behind.

Leadership guru John Maxwell (everyone knows all leadership principles somehow originate from John Maxwell) talks about the “leadership lid,” the limit of a person’s leadership ability, and encourages those in leadership to push that limit and raise the lid of their leadership potential through personal and professional growth. This drive to mature, expand, and stretch is part of the DNA of one who leads.

If you want to be an effective leader, keep growing.

ReConnect training opportunities, like the numerous clinics available this August, are a great opportunity for Sunday School and small groups leaders to increase their leadership potential and effectiveness. They are an opportunity to grow.

These clinics offer Student ministry leaders a chance to explore student engagement in the small group and how to connect students in evangelism, Bible Study, community, and the mission of God in the world.

Leaders, take advantage of the opportunities coming this August. Come grow with us!

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