President Franklin D. Roosevelt described Dec. 7, 1941, as “a date which will live in infamy.” He was referring to the surprise attack of Japan on the Pacific Fleet of the United States anchored in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. In a matter of a few minutes, the Japanese dealt a crippling blow on the United States Armed Forces.

On that day, more than 2,400 American servicemen and women died. Because of Pearl Harbor, America engaged in World War II. America and her allies would wage a bloody war against the evil axis of Japan, Germany, and their allies. The death toll of United States military personnel was approximately 416,800. Indeed, Dec. 7, 1941, is a day that lives in infamy.

I would contend there is another date in American history that deserves the same description—Jan. 22, 1973. On this day, the Supreme Court of the United States, in the Roe v. Wade decision, created right to abortion in America. Since that day, an estimated 57,500,000 unborn children have died at the hands of abortionists. This date will “live in infamy” as the day America set its course on the legal destruction of generations of precious unborn children.

As biblical Christians, our first line of defense against evil is truth. As leaders, we can do nothing more powerful or impactful than to teach the people we lead the truth in regard to unborn children and the sanctity of human life. It is for this reason that I am calling on every pastor to preach a message declaring biblical truth regarding the sanctity of human life on Jan. 17.

Some will say, “Is that all we can do to stop abortion?” The answer is no. In fact, for years, we have fought the abortion battle legislatively. In the last 25 years, Oklahoma has become one among a handful of states where the unborn child is most protected. Oklahoma has dropped from more than 12,000 abortions a year to 6,000. By the way, we rejoice in the victories, but we will not rest until every unborn child is given the right to life.

We have also worked to provide ministry to young women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. Oklahoma Baptists have four, and soon will have five, Hope Pregnancy Centers where these women and fathers of the unborn can find loving people who walk by their side as they give life to their child. Even when abortion is chosen, our centers offer love, grace, forgiveness, and hope in the midst of tragic scars left on women who have an abortion.

But make no mistake, our worldview impacts our view of abortion and the sanctity of human life. A few weeks ago, a pastor from one of Oklahoma’s university cities called me to suggest that many of the millennial generation have never heard biblical teaching in regard to abortion. Frankly, like many other ethical and moral areas, there are many people who have not been taught biblical truth on which they can stand and make righteous decisions.

We do not fight for the unborn out of the context of some sentimental swoon. We do so because the Scripture is clear that the Lord knits the unborn together in the mother’s womb. Every human life is sacred. Our place is to stand where the Bible stands and, thus, where God stands.

My hope is that, on Jan. 17, the biblical truth rings from the pulpits of Oklahoma Baptist churches on the subject of abortion and the sanctity of human life. Truth dictates action.

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