Many Christians are familiar with author and apologetics expert Josh McDowell, whose best-selling books like More than a Carpenter have helped generations of Christians defend their faith.

Not all Christians are aware that McDowell’s son, Sean, has become the author of numerous books defending the Christian faith and also serves as a professor of apologetics at Biola University.

In a recent edition of the Messenger Insight podcast, , McDowell talked about faith and his upcoming appearance at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma’s (BGCO) State Evangelism Conference, Jan. 25-26, at Del City, First Southern. The podcast is available in the iTunes store and at

“When I come to Oklahoma to speak at the State Evangelsim Conference, one thing I plan to present is what I call the ‘Atheist Encounter,’” McDowell said. “This is a role play scenario in which I put on glasses and a (pretend) atheist personality to take on Christian questions and answers as an atheist would.”

McDowell explained, “From my experiences and encounters with atheists, I am able to bring some hard questions to Christians to see if they are really ready to give an answer for the hope they have in Jesus Christ.

“I then take off the glasses and evaluate and equip the listeners to be even more effective witnesses of the Gospel in a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christianity.”

McDowell will speak on Monday and Tuesday of the SEC. For a full schedule, visit The event also features author Lee Strobel, pastor Johnny Hunt and Christian speaker Dennis Swanberg, as well as the musical group Master’s Voice.

Previous Messenger Insight podcast guests have included Franklin Graham, Russell D. Moore, R. Albert Mohler, Jr., and Kirk Cameron.