As this is going to press, our family will celebrate the life of this remarkable lady—Norma Lenora Jordan. I wrote about her several years ago on Mother’s Day. I pray each woman would follow her legacy with her family.

Few words in the English language bring greater joy or evoke stronger feelings than the word Mom. It is only three letters, but the person behind the name has a huge impact in our lives. Perhaps no other person has so deeply touched us.

I am one of the most fortunate persons on the planet. God gave me an incredible mom. Her love, support, guidance, discipline and encouragement have sustained me throughout my life. She taught me many things I will never forget.

Her greatest influence was spiritual. Mom displayed a living faith before my sister and me. I saw her daily open the Word for spiritual nourishment. Her prayer life was not just for crisis times. When I heard her pray, I felt she was touching the heart of God. I am very sure that when I get to Heaven, the Lord will reveal to me the number of times Mom’s prayers kept me safe as I was on the verge of a train wreck. Even today, as I seek to serve the Master and Oklahoma Baptists, I could ask for no greater prayer warrior than Mom.

Mom taught me the joy of service. She played the piano and organ for our church. She took her service to the Lord as seriously as I do my preaching responsibility. Yet, beyond the practice and preparation was the thrill of offering her talents to the Lord. Mom was one of the first musicians I saw play and sing at the same time. Music was in her heart, and she could not resist the full orb expression to the Lord.

I learned a great deal about preaching from Mom. No, she was not a preacher, but she was a masterful Sunday School teacher. She taught me the difference between teaching the Bible to people and teaching people the Bible. It is the single greatest lesson a preacher can learn. Mom never taught just to communicate biblical facts. She always taught to transform the heart.

My Mom was not a modern mom, although she did work outside the home some of the time I was growing up. My dad was injured in the oil field on two occasions, and Mom worked to help sustain us. But I can assure you that her focus never left the home. My sister and I were never cheated; career never took precedence over her children, her husband or her Lord.

The influence of a godly mom casts a long shadow in the lives of her children. Solomon said that her husband and children stand at the gate (the most public place) and praise her. But the highest praise is the godly walk of her children. What greater blessing to your Mom than to know you have embraced her Lord and her walk of faith?

I am a fortunate and blessed man. My mom deserves her children standing at the gate to praise her, and we do. My children have the same privilege. Polla is an incredible mom.

I encourage you to take time on Mother’s Day to praise your mom. Light up her life with words that express your love for her. Forget buying a card; instead, write one. Or better yet, just say it to her. Your words will be the greatest gift she receives on Mother’s Day. Long after the perfume you give her is gone, your words will be a sweet fragrance in her heart that will never be forgotten.