Baptists can be a very independent group of people.

Oklahoma was pioneered by hardy pioneers who were individualistic and willing to face every kind of obstacle to plant their lives in a “brand new state.” But one thing Baptists and Oklahomans have learned is that when our focus is on “WE,” more can be accomplished than alone.

The Oklahoma State Missions Offering is a “WE” effort. The mission endeavors funded through this offering would not happen without the “WE” generosity of Oklahoma Baptists. Sometimes, it helps to look back on the road we have travelled.

In 2002, “WE” helped plant a new church in Yukon. Several churches, along with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO), saw a vision for the growth of this suburb and knew it was time to plant a new Gospel-centered congregation. Today, Yukon Church is a thriving congregation in the heart of one of the fastest growing areas of our state.

Tinker Air Force Base is one of the treasures of our state. With a population of 85,000, Capital Association and Del City, First Southern discovered it is one of the most unreached and lost areas of our state. The church, association, and the BGCO, utilizing funds provided from the State Missions Offering, invested in a new church plant.

Sam Watkins, a retired Army veteran, heard the call to plant a church. Sam and his family moved from South Carolina, where he served as pastoral intern to the current BGCO Mobilization Team leader. Sam is now engaged in planting a new church focused on this unreached part of our state. This is your State Missions Offering at work.

Few things make greater impact than Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief. Disaster Relief puts hands and feet of the love to Jesus and opens doors to the Gospel in ways nothing else can. Whether tornados, floods, or other natural disaster events, our Oklahoma Disaster Relief volunteers serve hurting people and demonstrate the love of Jesus.

“WE” make an amazing difference through funding Disaster Relief. Victims of disasters do not pay to be served; every type of assistance provided is done so without charge. Every time a family is served, the Gospel is planted through deed and word.

“WE” can see lives changed through the power of the Gospel when “WE” give to the Oklahoma State Missions Offering.

Join Polla and me in giving a generous gift.