Recently, Polla and I had the wonderful privilege of seeing the ultrasound image of our granddaughter, who is at 19 weeks gestation. Seeing this image was one of the most thrilling and overwhelming experiences of our lives. We could see the profile of her sweet little face, arms, hands, and legs. This was not our first view of her since we had seen her tiny form in the womb at 10 weeks.

Our hearts overflow as we look at the handiwork of God as He shapes and forms Lydia in her mother’s womb. There is no ambiguity in determining if this is a baby. The Bible is clear that from the moment of conception, little Lydia was a child, unique and special, who only needs time to mature in the protection of her mother’s womb before appearing to the outside world.

For more than 30 years, I have written, spoken, and lobbied for the protection of every little “Lydia” in Oklahoma. It has been a privilege across the years to stand beside some of the most faithful and untiring people who have stood up for the unborn child and protection from abortion. The battle has been long and difficult. Indeed, for many of these years, pro-life bills were not allowed to be heard because of an ardently stalwart pro-abortion chairman of the senate committee through which such bills were considered.

Praise the Lord, things have changed at the State Capitol! Pro-life senators and representatives from both parties now form the majority. No longer do we fear a veto by the governor of bills designed to protect the unborn child. With great joy, I received news that the Oklahoma Legislature overwhelmingly, and with bi-partisan support, passed HB 1721, the “Unborn Child Dismemberment Abortion Act.”

Following the passage of this bill, the governor signed the bill into law. HB 1721 prohibits the barbaric and inhumane abortion procedure that literally rips a child limb-by-limb from the mother’s womb.

Read the last part of the above sentence slowly. Grotesque? Unthinkable that this could occur in a civilized society? Yes, to both questions. Add to these descriptions the words unbelievable and incomprehensible that a “so-called” doctor would perform such an act and, even more so, that a society would allow such a procedure to happen.

I cannot get the image of little Lydia safe and secure in her mother’s womb out of my mind, but at the same time I cannot conceive the reality that until now, a very alive, unborn child like Lydia could have her little body ripped apart limb-by-limb and discarded as medical waste. Only Oklahoma and Kansas have passed legislation to prohibit such an unthinkable act.

Over these 30 years, Oklahoma has made the mother’s womb a safe place, and now has taken another step in protecting the unborn child. Oklahoma is now one of the most pro-life states in America.

Please tell your senator and representative “thank you” for taking a stand for life. There are a few of you who will not be able to do so. If you have a legislator who was unwilling to vote for this bill to protect the unborn from such a barbaric procedure, determine now to help that person spend their time in another arena. Vote them out of office at your first opportunity!

Until then, give thanks to the Father, Who has given us leaders in government who value life. Praise Him for the many Oklahomans who have, for years, spent Rose Day at the State Capitol giving a voice for the voiceless, unborn children, and calling for their protection through legislation.