The Oklahoma Student Worship Choir (OSWC) had its first Night of Worship at Fort Gibson, Fellowship Bible, Sept. 27.

“It was great. It was a wonderful start,” said Randy Holt, minister of music at Inola, First, who is the director of OSWC. “I was excited, and I hope it’s the beginning of many years of a great program.”

OSWC is a worship music group of 30 Oklahoma Baptist students that was organized this summer. Due to the pandemic, opportunities to practice were limited, but Holt was impressed with the first performance.

“The kids did well, especially with one rehearsal,” Holt said. “I had someone ask me, ‘How do we get this group at our church?’”

Randy Lind, worship and music ministry partner for Oklahoma Baptists, was excited about OSWC’s first performance and believes the group has great potential for students looking to be involved in worship in churches.

“This is students leading students in worship,” Lind said. “We are hoping these events would be regional and for students to meet together, share testimonies, develop as musicians and lead others, especially other students, in worship.”

OSWC’s next Night of Worship will be Nov. 1, 6 p.m. at Oklahoma City, Brookwood. For more information, visit