Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief (DR) is concluding eight weeks of recovery work in Louisiana after the devastating impact of Hurricane Ida. Oklahoma DR Director Don Williams said he is appreciative of how DR team members worked diligently in the affected areas, specifically in Houma, La.

Williams reported Oklahoma Baptists, representing numerous churches, prepared more than 85,530 meals, completed more than 154 requests for assistance and engaged in Gospel conversations with 764 people, resulting in 22 people making professions of faith in Christ.

“We are praising the Lord for what He has brought us through and look forward to participating and seeing what He is yet to do,” Williams said.

DR had the opportunity to work on three church buildings, and Williams said one church stood out—Houma, La., Emmanuel.

“The building sustained significant damage during the storm,” Williams said about Emmanuel. “Part of the roof was destroyed, and rain poured in the building for hours. Yet, on the day after the storm, Pastor Cliff Arnold and church members were out in front of the church, handing out food and water, ministering to their community.”

DR spent two weeks tearing out mold-ridden sheet rock in Emmanuel’s building. While they were working at Emmanuel, DR team members learned that Oklahoma Baptist Builders were involved in the construction of Emmanuel’s building in 1988. Now, Oklahoma Baptists have the opportunity for rebuilding Emmanuel.

“After Thanksgiving, Oklahoma Baptists will go back to rebuild this church to the glory of God,” Williams said. “If your Oklahoma Baptist church would like to help in this time of need, we invite you to come with us and see what God is about to do. You can go for a week or more or less.”

Williams said churches are welcome to put together a team of members to help with this project, and DR will provide food and housing. DR is planning to rebuild Immanuel’s building from Nov. 29 through Dec. 23.

For those interested, contact the DR office at 405/942-3800 Ext. 4337 or email dwilliams@oklahomabaptists.org.

For more information or to donate to Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief visit okdisasterhelp.org.