2bb671272d3ecb8a14d3a22c6afbcef1It is not coincidental that many historic revivals came at times of national trial and uncertainty.

In fact, God’s people have often embraced true revival praying when morals reached shockingly low levels.

One thing is obvious—we are there! In America and Oklahoma, it is quite clear that we need the effective, fervent prayer of deeply repentant hearts. (James 5:16) While in our day we have seen plenty of surface prayer, it is now urgent that we embrace a whole new level of seeking God’s face.

Over the next few weeks and months, the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Office of Prayer will be promoting an intense, sustained call to focused prayer and repentance. Some of this focus will center on praying for Falls Creek, CrossTimbers and association camps, as well as a major focus on revival and spiritual awakening. A primary focus is to encourage and equip our churches in embracing powerful meetings of corporate prayer and true repentance. Look for details in major upcoming articles.

National Day of Prayer—A First Step

A first thing churches can do is to embrace The National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 7. On The National Day of Prayer, the Office of Prayer encourages churches to schedule intercessors to pray in their sanctuaries through the day May 7, and encourage churches to conduct a Wednesday or Thursday evening prayer service and or participate in any prayer observance in your local cities. For more information on The National Day of Prayer materials, visit www.nationaldayofprayer.org.

To help make these most powerful, the Office of Prayer provides three tools: (1) Every believer is encouraged to pray through a biblical cleansing guide which is available on our Web site resource page (http://ds.bgco.org/docushare/dsweb/View/Collection-116) or by mail if requested. We must never forget that prayer without repentance is not revival praying;

(2) All believers and churches should incorporate A Covenant of Prayer for Oklahoma Baptists (located at www.bgco.org.) Revival does not come by prayer that is casual or general. It comes by specific, kingdom-focused prayers that are Bible based and spiritually strategic. Throughout revival history one thing is certain, what and how we pray truly matters;

(3) Churches should consider conducting a corporate prayer meeting that centers on evangelism, revival and spiritual awakening. For anyone desiring help, we provide some sample prayer meeting formats.

Because the hour is unspeakably urgent, no one need wait until May 7. Even now, let us embrace repentance and revival praying in our daily quiet times. Let us begin to commit regular services to corporate prayer and repentance. Indeed, how bad do things need to get before we will deeply humble ourselves in united intercession? If not now, when?

One thing is certain—corporate prayer and repentance was definitely the pattern of the early church and all generations of true revival. How could we possibly think it would be any different for our day? For help with any of these emphases, contact the Office of Prayer and Spiritual Awakening at 405/942-3000, ext. 4517.