DAVIS—The Rewired Men’s Conference has impacted many men over the years. The annual event is back to a two-day retreat at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center, April 29-30, with the consistent focus of transforming lives of men through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Bubba Burcham serves as men’s ministry consultant for Oklahoma Baptists and remains the program director for Rewired. He spoke recently on a Messenger Insight podcast about what will happen at Rewired this year.

“Rewired is part conference and part retreat,” Burcham said. “You can’t replicate 2,500 men doing praise and worship. It’s one of my favorite things of Rewired. It breaks down barriers.”

And by barriers, Burcham means how men of different walks of life, as well as at different stages of life, come together to attend Rewired.

“A lot of the ministry time at Rewired happens in a stairwell in one of the cabins,” he said. “You’re just with a trusted friend, and you’re dealing with ‘the mess.’ We want to help heal what ails our culture, and it begins with the men that lead their families.”

The theme for Rewired this year is “Dig Deep,” and Burcham explained what the theme means, based on Luke 6:46-49.

“Jesus said, ‘The man who comes to me, hears My Words and does them is like the man who dug deep and laid his foundation on solid rock,’” Burcham said. “Every man is working on his faith. Every man is working on his marriage. Every man is working on his family. We’re building something. We want to be able to lay that foundation on the solid rock of the Lord. We want to be able to dig deep, dig the dirt out of the way, the mess out of the way before we get started.”

Speakers for Rewired this year include Todd Fisher, executive director-treasurer for Oklahoma Baptists. Burcham said there was a time when he was coaching in Shawnee, and Fisher was his pastor at Shawnee, Immanuel.

“He rightly divided the Word of God,” Burcham said about Fisher. “I love how he teaches the Word in a sound biblical way.”

Other speakers will be sharing life stories, including Jeremy Freeman, pastor of Newcastle, First, and his son Caleb.

“Jeremy is going to be speaking a lot more to the family story than even I realized,” Burcham said. “I’m excited to hear that story. Caleb’s story involves being in a car accident and having severe injuries, but what God has done in a miraculous way through him is powerful. I am excited for both of these men to tell their stories.”

Shane Pruitt has spoken numerous times at Falls Creek and at different Oklahoma Baptists events. He serves as the NextGen evangelism director for the North American Mission Board.

“Shane is a great communicator,” Burcham said. “I love his story. So many kids were raised in a church. They knew the Word but did not follow it in time outside the church. (Shane’s) testimony is one that gets right to the point, and he will always share a Gospel message.”

Abraham Wright is a Rewired regular stage personality. He is currently serving as teaching pastor at Bethany, Council Road. Wright also is a former collegiate and professional football player, spending time at the University of Colorado and with the Miami Dolphins.

“Abraham has been an emcee at Rewired in the past, and he’s a close friend,” Burcham said. “He is a great communicator of the Gospel.”

Christian speaker and author Jeremy Pryor will be speaking on sharing the Gospel and discipling family members. Pryor owns businesses that help Christian families, including offering discipleship resources.

“Jeremy does a lot of writing and teaching on multigenerational family and what it looks like to have a vision beyond raising your children in high school,” Burcham said. “He offers more biblical shepherding as a father. I’m excited for everyone to hear his family story.”

Rewired will offer a wide variety of activities that men enjoy. Burcham said there will be a barbecue trailer for men to try different delicacies. To go along with the theme “Dig Deep,” Rewired will feature a lot of digging machinery on display. “Guys like looking at tractors,” Burcham said.

Fishing, pickle ball, trick shot exhibits and many of the usual Falls Creek activities will be available.

“There’s going to be plenty to do of what guys like to do,” Burcham said. “I’ve made lifelong friends at Rewired. It’s truly a great experience.”

Lodging will be done differently this year, as churches have the opportunity to contact church cabin owners for lodging arrangements. Contact information can be found on oklahomabaptists.org/rewired. Scroll down to find “New for 2022—Lodging Update.”

And plenty of other information can be found at oklahomabaptists.org/rewired, including registration information and digital pass information for churches hosting watch events.