DAVIS—A favorite event among Oklahoma Baptist women will be in full force this year, as the Women’s Retreat will be back at Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center, April 22-23.

Full force means women have different options to consider on how to be involved with the Women’s Retreat. Amy Cordova, Oklahoma Baptists missions and women’s ministry partner, recently spoke on the Messenger Insight podcast and gave a lot of information about the upcoming event.

“It’s going to be at Falls Creek, but we are also going to have options for women to attend from their church, so we’ll have a host church option,” Cordova said. “Last year we had 80 churches attend (Women’s Retreat) in their local community with their churches, and it was a special time to be able to stay at home in their community and invest there. And then we also have a digital option for them to watch from their computer at home.”

For ladies who are able to come to the in-person experience of Women’s Retreat, Cordova said there will be many activities and an enjoyable setting at the encampment in the Arbuckle Mountains.

“We always love having people at Falls Creek,” Cordova said. “It’s especially fun when women are able to go. They are not in charge of anyone, so they can enjoy themselves. The prayer gardens are open. They can explore the grounds. We have recreational options. The zip line is always a hit. And then just being together will be great.”

The theme for Women’s Retreat this year is “Dwell,” and Cordova said the theme is based on Col. 3:16, “May the Word of Christ dwell richly among us.

“The theme came out of COVID (pandemic in 2020) when everything shut down,” Cordova said. “Even though women didn’t have a small group or a Bible study to go to in that time, they would still stay in the Scripture. That’s where the theme came to let the Word of Christ rule in our minds and in our hearts. That whole passage in Colossians 3 sets the foundation of what we are going to talk about at the retreat.”

And talking about dwelling in the Word of Christ will be speakers who are experienced in Bible teaching and have relevant messages for all women.

“They are phenomenal,” Cordova said, describing the Women’s Retreat speakers. “I chose these speakers based on this topic of Dwell.”

Kandi Gallaty is the wife of Tennessee pastor Robby Gallaty, who has spoken at recent Oklahoma Baptist events. Both Kandi and Robby emphasize Bible reading plans, Cordova said, and have co-authored Bible reading plans for people at different life stages.

“Kandi is a great Bible teacher,” Cordova said. “She is an author with Lifeway, and some may remember her coming to the Ministry Wives event several years ago.”

Trillia Newbell is another author who has written children’s books. She previously worked with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and currently is an editor with Moody Publishers.

“She is a great communicator,” Cordova said. “We’re excited for Trillia to be with us.”

Christine Hoover is the wife of a church planter. She also has a podcast called “By Faith,” and has written several books.

“Christine wrote a book called ‘Kingdom Come,’” Cordova said. “It’s on the Book of Matthew, and it’s a great Bible study for our churches to check out.”

Julie Busler serves as Oklahoma WMU president and is active in women’s ministry as a member of Shawnee, Immanuel. Cordova said Busler’s life story can be impactful to hear, especially with those who have experiences with mental illness.

“Julie has a story that she will be sharing of a time when she was serving overseas, and her mental illness came to life,” Cordova said. “In an effort to save her life, she was brought back to the United States. She was able to receive help through medicine and science and counseling, but also through the Word of God and her mind being focused on Christ.”

Cordova said Busler is writing a book that will be pre-released at the Women’s Retreat.

Breakouts sessions will be offered at Women’s Retreat, but they also will be virtual, so church groups or women at home can view. Cordova said there are many different opportunities to engage in the Women’s Retreat this year, and information on how to participate is located on the Women’s Retreat webpage.

All information on the Women’s Retreat including different registration options, retreat schedule, speaker information, and apparel gift options can be found at oklahomabaptists.org/women/retreat.