No matter the size of your church or how experienced you are, you will always need workers who will commit to teaching God’s Word, championing ministry and reaching people in small groups. From preschool to adult classes, small groups require leaders who are committed to doing all three. It is a huge assignment to get the people you need. What do you need to do to find such workers? Here are five things to keep in mind.

  1. Always be looking for workers

Look for workers at all levels and in all roles—adult leaders, kids’ leaders, nursery leaders and everything in between. Larger and smaller churches both have needs to be met, and it’s always a struggle to fill every spot necessary with quality workers. I have never been at a church where the workers in a preschool group were preschoolers, so it is essential that as a church we are always seeking out workers.

  1. Intentionally raise up apprentices

An apprentice is someone who is watching and learning how a current worker performs the role they are in so that they will be ready to take over when the time comes. Get in the practice of having apprentices shadow leaders. Your church will be better for it.

  1. Develop leaders as part of the assignment of making disciples

Our job constitutes helping people grow as followers of Christ, stretching and challenging them, and cultivating an environment where that can happen. When leading a small group, our job is to help people grow, not just to teach a lesson.

  1. Short-term vs. long-term assignments

There will be people who cannot commit for a long period of time but are willing to commit for four to six weeks or some shorter time frame. On the other hand, there are people who are willing to commit for a year. Look for both. Strategically, they both make a difference and can be useful in your ministry. Remember, it is not just about filling slots but about helping people engage in small groups.

  1. Jesus modeled enlisting and empowering leaders

Jesus provides a clear understanding of what it looks like to find workers. In Matt. 9:37-38, we see Jesus make a profound statement on the matter. “The harvest is abundant, but the workers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest.”

While the harvest is abundant, the workers are few. God is raising up workers every day to do the work of the kingdom, and we are working in conjunction with Him to provide them a place for the work they’ve been called to do.


Photo by Nicholas Safran on Unsplash