Above: Missionary candidates who move through the pipeline are approved by IMB trustees, then blessed by Southern Baptists for service to the nations at Sending Celebrations held during the year. IMB Photo

On March 1, the International Mission Board (IMB) counted more than 1,200 candidates in the missionary application process. This is a significant milestone for Southern Baptists, as the number of missionary candidates in 2019 was 300.

“The IMB missionary candidate pipeline has now quadrupled over the past four years. Praise the Lord!” IMB President Paul Chitwood said. 

“As Southern Baptists’ generosity grows, so does the opportunity to send their fully funded missionaries through the IMB to address the world’s greatest problem—lostness,” Chitwood continued. “I can’t wait to see how God will use them and all of us working together!”

While each applicant represents a potential to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus, Chitwood is quick to remind Southern Baptists that lostness in the world continues to grow. Even more applicants are needed to carry the Gospel to those who have never heard.

IMB’s goal is to always have more than 1,500 applicants in the pipeline. New missionary applicants mean that the potential increases to grow the number of current missionaries serving on the frontlines and to replace missionaries who are retiring or completing terms of service. 

Multiple pathways, lengths of service and a variety of missionary positions are open now with the IMB. Interested persons can visit imb.org/go or email info@imb.org to get started.