EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article was previously featured on chucklawless.com.

This Coronavirus crisis has been challenging to everyone. As I think about my community in Wake Forest, N.C., I’m reminded that I need to pray for these needs—needs for which I don’t pray enough:

  1. For spouses and children in abusive situations. We don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but my guess is that the stress of this crisis will lead to other crises—even dangerous ones, I’m afraid.
  2. For marriages that are struggling. If couples were struggling before the virus threat, I pray that those who are forced to be together more would deal with their issues. I’m sure, though, that this situation will only exacerbate the problems in many cases.
  3. For pastors who are wrestling with their commitment to a difficult church. Those difficulties preceded the crisis, and they’re likely to be broadened during the crisis. Social distancing won’t eliminate the challenges that cause pastors to look elsewhere.
  4. For pastors and churches in the middle of leadership transition. I know of more than one church who was in the latter stages of calling a new pastor when this crisis unexpectedly hindered all church events. It seems lives are on hold right now.
  5. For churches whose existence may not survive this crisis. Some churches were already declining. Now, this additional threat will likely force them to discontinue meeting unless God intervenes.
  6. For church members and others who’ve lost their jobs. Some have already been let go. Others have been notified. Still others are working a declining number of hours, and they don’t know what the future holds. Seemingly within days, everything has changed.
  7. For church members and others whose retirement income seems to be disappearing. I’m 59, and I’m wondering if I’ll need to work additional years to make up for losses in these hard days—so I can’t imagine what others slightly older than I are facing. I fear the stress will be too much for some people.
  8. For local pastors in my community. My own pastor is one of those pastors in the middle of a transition (see No. 4). Others I know are working overtime to figure out how to shepherd and care for their congregations when meeting together isn’t possible. They need our prayers for wisdom.
  9. For non-believers who have no real direction to turn. I know God is with me, but non-believers have no such peace. Sadly, they have no God to whom they can turn. Multiply that situation by the billions, and you see the needs of the global lost.
  10. For God to glorify Himself in this crisis. My theology says that He will, but my prayers in that direction help me to rest in His sovereignty. The truth of His sovereignty matters, especially when everything seems out of control.

What prayers would you add?