/// What projects and new construction are included

in the Centennial Campaign?

The BGCO Board of Directors voted to construct the Mathena Family Event Center, Thompson Family Lodge and Jordan Welcome Center at a cost not to exceed $12.96 million as part of Phase One of the Centennial Campaign. Phase One also includes the elimination of all previous debt from the For the Sake of the Call Campaign of approximately $1.9 million.

/// Why are these buildings so important?

These buildings will enable us to host a wide variety of events at Falls Creek throughout the year, not only during the summer months. These events include leadership and marriage retreats, ministry training opportunities and church events, all in addition to existing major events now hosted at Falls Creek, such as the annual women’s and men’s retreats.

The Mathena Family Event Center will provide adequate space to serve meals to large groups of people, a functionality that Falls Creek has lacked up until this point. The 50 rooms in the Thompson Family Lodge will also be useful for a variety of events, and the Jordan Welcome Center will create a new “front door” and central point of information and arrival at Falls Creek.

/// How much is going to be raised in the Centennial Campaign?

The Centennial Campaign will raise $4,762,142, plus a challenge to raise funds for other needed improvements at Falls Creek as part of Phase Two, which include the remodel of the Moorer Lodge and the building of a Recreation Fields Pavilion.

/// What are some ways I can give?

The Centennial Campaign calls for a three-year (36 month) pledge, although any length up to five years is acceptable. Pledges will be counted toward the campaign at the full face value of the pledge. You determine the frequency of the pledge payments based on what best fits your particular situation.

Another popular option is the “Save-A-Seat” sponsorship, whereby a donor sponsors a seat for $500 and a personally inscribed dedication plate is placed on that seat in the tabernacle. And remember, with the Downing Matching Gift Fund, your $500 gift is doubled to $1,000.

In fact, any amount you give to Falls Creek is doubled as well. So a $5,000 gift becomes $10,000, and a $50,000 gift becomes $100,000, and the Downing Matching Gift Fund will keep on giving, up to a total of $2.3 million.

/// Where can I get more information?

To receive more information about the Falls Creek Centennial Campaign, visit www.fallscreekok.org or contact Marty Harkey at 405/516-4868 or 800/690-6933.