In the third week of summer camp, Falls Creek was approaching 2,000 total decisions made at the invitations times of the evening services. Every week there has been at least one night of 100 or more students making professions of faith.

“Typically, when we have 300 salvation decisions or more it is an extremely good week, and we have had two in a row at the start of the summer,” said Andy Harrison. “I absolutely believe what happens at Falls Creek is the result of the prayers of Oklahoma Baptists all over who are praying for Falls Creek and praying for students to come to Christ. It is also evident that when we actually, intentionally share the Gospel, Jesus draws people to Himself, so our preachers have done a great job of that.”

CrossTimbers Children’s Mission Adventure Camp averaged 315 campers each session. After three four-day sessions, there have been 83 total spiritual decisions with 58 professions of faith. Glenn Barber, CrossTimbers program director, shared “two awesome stories” of two campers’ salvation experiences.

“One, a girl came forward (at an evening service invitation time), and a sponsor asked her ‘Why did you come forward tonight?’ Her answer was ‘Well, my mom and dad are telling me that God is not real and that the Bible is just a bunch of made-up stories so people will follow rules. I think they are lying to me. Can you help me?’

“Another girl had gotten a ticket for a camp scholarship to go to camp for free at a community event that a church did. She  hadn’t gone to church at all, and she got this coupon to go to camp for free. She came to camp and accepted Christ while she was here.”