DAVIS—Falls Creek Baptist Conference Centers hosted the annual Fall Back Weekend Oct. 21-22. The weekend provided an opportunity for students to relax during their time off of school. The speaker for the two-day event was Zane Black, and worship through music was led by the Cody Dunbar band.

Aaron Myers, associate pastor of students at Lawton, First, is on the committee that helps form the weekend for students.

“I have been involved with Fall Retreat experiences for more than 10 years with our students, and I am thankful for the leadership

Students have a time of fellowship between sessions Photos: Katie Gilbert

Students have a time of fellowship between sessions
Photos: Katie Gilbert

Bill Bergstrom has provided in allowing students to have a more complete ‘Falls Creek’ experience at a more cost effective price point for students and student ministries across the state over the last six years Falls Creek has hosted the event,” Myers said.

Fall Back Weekend gives student ministries an opportunity to help their students grow in their faith.

“A byproduct of the weekend seems to be a reflection on and rededication to decisions made recently during summer camp experience,” Myers said.

Jordan Anson, Falls Creek guest experience leader, and her husband, Jake, who was also on the Fall Back Weekend committee, led their youth group from Ardmore, First.

“Fall Back Weekend for our youth isn’t geared towards evangelism. It’s more of a recreational and relaxing weekend away to fellowship together with our students,” Anson said.

One instance Meyers saw some impact of the weekend was after the challenge presented by Zane Black. He challenged each

The Cody Dunbar Band leads worship during main services.

The Cody Dunbar Band leads worship during main services.

student to stand if they were going to share the Gospel with someone after this weekend, which brought almost all of the nearly 2,000 students to their feet.

“The crowd was then instructed to pray with a person next to them for boldness to carry out their commitment. This was an incredible moment, but we have already been hearing stories of students following through with their word and sharing Christ in just the few days since,” Myers said.

Black’s challenge to the students was after focusing on when Jesus challenged the disciples to follow him and become fishers of men in Matt. 4:18-20.

  “For many of these students, this is the first time they have shared Christ with their friends,” Myers said. “We are hopeful this event will continue to produce a harvest of souls and deepen the faith of students and adult leadership as it is intended.“

The impact of the weekend was evident even late that Friday night for the Ansons and their Ardmore, First youth.

On Friday night, after hours of games in the cabin, Jake said to the students, “Find someone you don’t know, ask them how you can pray for them,and ask them if they’d share their testimony.”

Students enjoying zipline

Students enjoying zipline

This exercise resulted in seven students accepting Christ through the initiative of their peers.

“Our church is seeing revival happen among our students. They’re becoming bold, brave and unashamed of their own stories. It

was a humbling weekend and an honor to serve alongside the students as they did all the ‘hard work,’” Anson said.

Total registration for the event was 1,732. Registration was low because of schools across the state having different fall breaks, but the event continues to fulfill the call to reach students across Oklahoma.

“I was pleased with the event again this year as it continues to fulfill the objectives set out from it’s humble beginnings,” Myers said.