Here’s another edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen, featuring six topics I found interesting. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

  1. Best diplomatic answer—and it happened during the World Cup!

The United States is no longer competing in the World Cup, but one of the best responses I heard came from Tyler Adams, captain of the U.S. men’s national team, during a press conference before the soccer team was to face Iran.

Adams fielded a question from an Iranian journalist, and the question was pointed and appeared to bait Adams on the concern of racism in America. Impressively, Adams demonstrated respect and class in his answer. Here’s a clip:

Adams began with a sincere apology, which was an excellent start. From there, he was direct and not snarky. Though I don’t know Adams and have never seen him in other interviews or in other settings, I believe he was sincere and graceful with the reporter.

This is a great example of how to handle a potential heated exchange. Adams may not have led the U.S. in advancing in the World Cup, but he demonstrated great leadership in diplomacy.

  1. The origin of the word “Soccer”

Speaking of soccer (or futbol), I enjoyed reading Saturday Evening Post’s Andy Hollandbeck column on how the sport became known as soccer in the U.S. but international football everywhere else in the world.

It’s a fascinating story that you might enjoy. Check out “In a Word: Soccer or Football?”

  1. Carter on SCOTUS case on religious speech

The Supreme Court of the United State heard a critical case this week involving a web designer who, for religious convictions, refused to design a web page that would promote a same-sex wedding.

Joe Carter offers a great synopsis of the case, including remarks made by the justices. If you’re not up on this case, check out Carter’s FAQ article.

  1. Paul Harvey’s ‘Rest of the Story’ on ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

This is for those who enjoy nostalgia, especially legendary radio programs with Paul Harvey and his famous “Rest of the Story” broadcasts. With Christmas in season, a favorite tradition for many is watching the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” If you’d like to know why it aired so frequently in previous years on various television networks, Harvey explains and then shares “the rest of the story.”


  1. Lottie’s legacy

For Southern Baptists, Lottie Moon is as much of a Christmas tradition as any others on the list. The annual Christmas offering for the International Mission Board is named after her.

Former missionary Rosalie Hunt wrote a great article offering a brief history of this missionary legend. It’s worth reading! Check out “Lottie Moon—From Scoffer and Skeptic to Scholar and Saint.”

  1. David Jeremiah on meaning of Christmas

Pastor and televangelist David Jeremiah offers a cute yet profound description of why Christmas is celebrated every year. Check out “Who, what and why?”