It’s snowing—again! Yeah, nothing more to say about that. Let’s get to this week’s six timely topics in this edition of Doyle’s Half Dozen.

  1. Attending a wedding means endorsement

David Strain gives a great explanation about the importance of what it means when attending a wedding. This is specifically important when considering going to a wedding that may be considered against the Christian worldview. Check out Strain’s article here.

For clarity, this is not a motivation of hate or even an intention to excommunicate if choosing not to attend a wedding. You should definitely read Strain’s article before coming to a baseless conclusion.

  1. Seeking motivation to attend church when you don’t want to go?

Chuck Lawless may be one of the best practical Christian writers. What I mean by that is the blogs/articles he writes on a daily basis offers instruction that is useful for pastors and most Christian leaders. Just today, he posted “9 steps to consider when you don’t want to go to church this weekend.”

Many pastors and leaders have been discouraged since the COVID pandemic began two years ago, THIS WEEK. Your pastor needs your prayers, but all of us may struggle with not wanting to go to church. Lawless’ steps are excellent to consider.

One reason I would give that helps me when I feel like not going to church is how I can encourage somebody when I go. We never think of the impact we can have on somebody when we go to church, but God can use even our presence at church to have a positive effect on someone.

  1. Discussing Ukraine with children

Justin Early presents a great piece on helping children understand the war in Ukraine. Check out “How to talk to kids about the war in Ukraine.”

Continue to pray about what is happening in Ukraine. Chris Forbes attended a prayer meeting with pastors, focusing on praying for Ukraine. He wrote about the prayer meeting and offered messages from Ukrainian Christians who are requesting continued prayer.

  1. Gas tips

Along with Ukraine, the most popular topic of discussion is the rise of gas prices. Dave Ramsey offered some tips on how to deal with adjusting to the price increase at the pump:

  1. Combine your errands into fewer trips.
  2. Use cruise control on the highway.
  3. Make sure your tires are inflated properly.
  4. Carpool when possible.
  5. Take advantage of loyalty programs at grocery and warehouse stores.
  6. Turn off your car while waiting. (You use less gas by restarting your car than leaving it idle.)
  7. Tushka High School starts March Madness

Last weekend, Tushka High School won the Class A title for boys basketball. They were unranked and defeated a slew of top-ranked squads in order to win the state championship.

Beginning last Sunday night through Monday morning, I received messages about these Tushka Tigers attending church the morning after winning the title. Why is this so significant? Tushka is near Atoka, which is at least two-plus hours away from Oklahoma City, where the championship was located, and the team did not get back home until way early in the morning. This shows a great commitment to their Christian faith for these young men to be at church that next day.

I wrote about the Tushka taking the state title and attending church at Atoka, Southside. Chris McDaniel, pastor at Southside, whom I interviewed for the story, was thrilled about the piece.

“Thank you for publishing the article about the Tushka boys!” McDaniel said in a text he sent me. “I’m amazed at how the Lord is using their story!”

The article has gotten a lot of social media attention. As of today, March 11, according to Facebook data, the Tushka story has reached 17,990 people and received 416 Likes and 140 shares.

  1. Dale boys competing in Class 2A tournament

High School basketball tournaments continue this weekend. I’m rooting for Dale High School boys who advanced to the semifinals of the Class 2A tournament. The reason for my support is due to friendship with Bobby Kelly, New Testament professor at Oklahoma Baptist University. His son Levi is in the starting lineup for Dale, and the freshman is quite an outside shooter.

This is a fun team to watch. The squad has only one player at 6-5, and there’s more than 10 players who are shorter than 6-0. They play great fundamental ball and have good ball handling skills. They beat Hooker last night, which has a much bigger squad, and Dale had no trouble picking up the win.

If this crazy weather lets up, which it should, I plan to be at State Fair Arena rooting on the Dale Pirates.