I’m officially thawed out from the week of Hoth the ice planet visiting the southwest U.S.

For this week’s DHD, I wanted to bring more cheery news like the warming 60s we experienced the last few days.

And thanks to my faithful readers! I appreciate your willingness to support to silliness.

  1. Testimony from a legally blind IMB missionary

Jill Thompson was born legally blind, but this has not prevented her from answering God’s call to serve as an International Mission Board (IMB) missionary in Brazil.

Check out “Legally blind missionary longed for 2020,” and read about Jill’s expectations last year, which turned into disappointments that were shared worldwide.

Her testimony, though, is written creatively and with great biblical reminders.

  1. Report on the IMB Deaf Affinity

This was an enlightening experience for me. I credit Chris Forbes for his ingenious work and being aware of how Southern Baptists and the IMB are leading the way in reaching the deaf community with the Gospel.

In this week’s edition of the Baptist Messenger, Forbes wrote “The Deaf ‘way of missions’—an Oklahoma Baptists family matter,” which introduces Danny Bice and Vesta Sauter, who are brother and sister and were raised by deaf parents. Vesta’s husband Mark Sauter also is featured, and all three of them—Danny, Vesta and Mark—have ministries reaching the deaf community.

Along with the article, Forbes led a podcast, interviewing Danny, Vesta and Mark, and this session is worth watching. It is encouraging to see and to be aware of what is happening specifically in the international Deaf community.

Check out the podcast (approximately 34 min.):


  1. A hug reminder

Another encouraging read is Caleb Moore’s blog Don’t forget to hug.”

As Caleb points out, there will come a time when the pandemic and social distancing will end, and for those who need that element of encouragement and support through a physical connection, it can’t come too soon.

  1. Sharing the Gospel through a car wash

Favorite writer Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra has another innovative Gospel story to share. Thomas Kim found a way to make the Gospel known through the workplace. His car wash business called Everclean instills godly principles through its hiring process and the way Kim and managers encourage employees.

Check out “Changing Lives While Washing Cars.”

  1. Celebrating centenarian birthdays

Baptist Village of Owasso announced two special birthdays this week among the senior community’s residents.

Sally turned 100 this week, and Alberta is a youthful 105. Check out the Facebook announcements of these ladies’ milestone achievements.

  1. ‘A little less like me’

I end with sharing a new favorite song. I am learning more about Zach Williams and enjoy his music and the messages of his songs. Check out ‘A little less like me.’