DHD is brief today. Thanks for reading!

  1. Rose Day report

I didn’t get to go to Rose Day this year. I had to “mind the store” because the Messenger went to press that day. If you are not familiar with Rose Day read here.

I am happy that Rose Day was physically observed this year, though. It’s been three years since Oklahoma pro-life advocates were able to pass out red roses to state officials at the Capitol.

From what I was told, a highlight of the rally was a testimony of a young lady who gave up her child to adoption—and the child with adopted parents were in attendance. Reports said there wasn’t a dry eye in the House Chamber.

  1. Giddy about Giddey

I don’t need to say much about Thunder rookie point guard Josh Giddey, but the 19-year-old is showing a lot of promise. Giddey has currently recorded three-straight triple-double performances heading into the All-Star break. Maybe this streak reminds Thunder fans of another point guard?

But Giddey received national attention when he led the Thunder over the Knicks in Madison Square Garden on Valentine’s Day. He even was hot from 3. Check out this highlight video:

  1. Favorite Super Bowl ad

While I’m talking about sports, I did watch the Super Bowl last Sunday and was bummed for the Bengals. But I’m happy for Matthew Stafford.

Of course, the ads are as big of a topic as the game itself. What surprised me is the Toyota ad didn’t make anybody’s top commercial list. It was my fave:

  1. Learn about Gen Z

Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra wrote an informative article about Gen Z, which now makes up most of college students around the county and the newest young adults.

Check out what Christians should know about Gen Z. Among her list that stood out to me are they are the least religious generation (which makes sense), actions mean more than words to them and have high principles.

“…loving the orphans and widows and the poor is going to draw Gen Z into the church probably more than it would’ve drawn earlier generations.”

  1. Wax on church COVID recovery

It’s a big issue everywhere among church work. How can people get back involved in church after the pandemic had such a detrimental effect?

Trevin Wax wrote about the issue. You can read his article here.

“It’s been almost two years since COVID altered our lives,” Wax wrote. “I hear pastors and church leaders talk about surviving the pandemic spiritually and emotionally, and then enduring the fallout in their congregations. Many harbor grave concerns about ministry right now and about the long-term sustainability of those who have been tasked with leading the church.”

He offers some thoughtful approaches for pastors and church leaders. It’s not an easy fix, and possibly churches will have to make permanent changes on how to gauge effectiveness in their communities.

  1. Mohler answers questions

Albert Mohler continues to produce great podcast episodes. Today’s is a great lesson about the Queen of England. Check out this episode of The Briefing here

But I enjoyed as much his other topics which include answering some really good questions relating to current issues. Cryptocurrency, Russia’s view of Western moral values, America’s interest in Ukraine, American Christians’ highest political authority and the status of abortion access if Roe v. Wade is overturn are topics of questions of which Mohler offers his replies.