Miles Harris serves as the director of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) at Northwestern Oklahoma State University (NWOSU). Miles ministers to both students and campus staff.

Miles Harris

He said one of the biggest challenges to college ministry is trying to tap into the busyness of college life. Miles and his wife, Abby, understand busyness firsthand as the parents of two socially active kids and college students themselves. But they know the intentional effort is worthwhile.

“Just as you may think, college is a busy time for some, or really most, at NWOSU,” Miles said. “We strive to be intentional in sharing the Gospel with people on campus. The BCM serves meals to students on Wednesdays, has many Bible studies through the week and hosts events as often as possible. There is something amazing in teaching and listening and living life with people who are at a crucial point in their lives. Seeing people come to the realization that growing in Christ is an amazing thing is so rewarding.”

Miles finds great reward in discipling others and seeing fruit from his labor. God is faithful to show that fruit at just the right time and in just the right way.

“A young man we were discipling became a host at the BCM,” he said. “Watching him share the Gospel in all places has been a great, refreshing experience. At times I have been down until he comes and tells me how he has shared the Gospel and cannot wait to tell others. I have prayed for this type of person. God brought that, and it has kept me accountable as well.”

Abby and Miles have been together for 12 years. They have two children, Cooper and Molly. Both Abby and Miles are in college working toward their master’s degrees while having busy schedules between Molly’s dance classes and Cooper’s Boy Scouts. The family loves attending church together, and the kids love going to the BCM any chance they get.

Pray God would bring more harvesters to work this fertile field. Pray people would recognize their lost state and see the need for Jesus. Pray God would guide the Harris family in all things that they may bring glory to Him.

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