Thirty-eight percent of the world’s Christians will be living in Sub-Saharan Africa by the year 2050, according to Jamie and Chris Schilt, IMB missionaries to Malawi.

“One of the major things we’re trying to share with Oklahoma Baptists is the need for theological education for the people there, because of the need for healthy churches there,” Jamie said. “That’s our goal as a team (of IMB missionaries in Malawi): to see healthy churches making disciples.”

The Schilt couple and their five children, ages 4 to 14, arrived in Oklahoma early, last April, because the pandemic was closing the border, for their first stateside assignment. They were to return to Malawi in January 2021, where Chris is a professor at Malawi Theological Seminary, and Jamie disciples Malawian women.

The couple has strong Oklahoma roots. Jamie is the daughter and grandchild of two former pastors of Tulsa, Plainview. Currently, her father pastors Comanche, First Baptist. The couple met at Adair, First, where Chris made a profession of faith in Christ. They served together at Relevant Worship, a Claremore church plant.

While their children “definitely have learned the convenience of fast food restaurants, Wi-Fi that works and fast internet, even the older kids have said, ‘I’m ready to get home to Malawi,’” Chris said.

Chris and Jamie’s stateside assignment is “to be creative in developing ways for Southern Baptists to partner with us in Malawi.” Two examples, Chris mentioned, would be having trained educators teaching at the seminary in a two-week class and high school and college students engaging Malawian teens and young adults because “there is no ongoing ministry for 12-year-olds until after they get married.”

Overall, Malawi “is not a dangerous place to live,” Chris said. “We take precautions and we’re careful. We have two dogs our gardener is taking care of, and he’s watching the property while we’re gone.”

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