Hundreds of pro-life citizens from across the state came to the Oklahoma State Capitol on Feb. 16 for the annual Rose Day Pro-Life Rally.

While Rose Day featured a wide array of inspiring speakers, there was one in particular who captivated the hearts of those assembled.

A young woman named Brittany, featured above, shared about how God worked in her life. The testimony caught the eye of Carla Hinton, writer for The Oklahoman, who described the moment this way.

“All eyes turned to peer at a little boy sitting in the House Chamber on Wednesday at the state Capitol.

“A woman at the podium told the crowd seated around him that she regretted having a (past) abortion… because she didn’t know she had other options.

“However, the woman said when faced with a second (unintended) pregnancy, she chose to put the child up for adoption because someone at her church took her to a pregnancy help center. There, she was told she could choose life instead of abortion.

“At the 2022 Rose Day Rally on Wednesday, she pointed to the boy sitting with his adoptive mother, telling people that he was the child she gave birth to.

“‘I didn’t know any other options… other than death. I’m so happy I listened to God,’” she said to a standing ovation. “‘I wish abortion wasn’t an option.’”

Brittany was cheered by the gathering for her decision to choose life and for her bravery to share her personal testimony.

The adoptive mother and young boy whom Brittany put up for adoption attended the Rose Day Rally to hear Brittany speak. All three shared a hug during the rally.

In the moments that followed her remarks, Brittany, the adoptive mother and young boy whose life was saved met in the room, sharing a warm hug, which brought tears of joy to those in attendance at Rose Day.

We praise and thank God for Brittany’s bravery and that this boy’s life was saved. Pregnancy-help ministries are making a difference every day for the unborn and many mothers in need—mothers just like Brittany.

In coming days, a video recording of the 2022 Rose Day event will be available online at