Years ago, I read an article about how people celebrated Christmas in America during World War II. In the middle of wartime conditions, to those who were seeking to destroy our freedoms, it was an act of defiance to decorate and celebrate the joyous holidays. Instead of luxurious decorations and lavish gifts, the message was that Americans could help the war efforts by “Making Do and Mending.”

Homemakers were instructed by “Mrs. Sew and Sew” to grow their food, walk instead of drive shorter distances, darn holes in socks, reinforce their children’s clothes, cook carefully and avoid wasting food.

For the most part, Americans, who were not fighting overseas, followed the advice of “Mrs. Sew & Sew” hoping the accumulation of their efforts would help bring victory and ultimately protect their freedoms.

They were looking forward to days when there would be no more scarcity, no more rations, and peace would prevail.

This year, we do not have to look very far to know we are not living in peacetime conditions. As Christians, we know that we are engaged in a spiritual battle. The battleground is our hearts, and the prize is our faith.

A pandemic or recovering from a turbulent political season should not be our greatest fear. We should flee from the temptation to become so wrapped up in worldly things that we forget the power of the Gospel. The Gospel is the message of freedom! It can transform our lives, our homes, our communities and our world.

This holiday season, I’m praying we will turn our eyes to Jesus and rejoice in all He has done to save us. I pray our sacrifice of praise and enduring faith will be a witness to the world that there is victory in Jesus! Let the whole earth rejoice!