Like so many other Christians and pro-life people, I am praying and imploring the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to recognize the Constitutional right to life of the unborn. Regardless of how SCOTUS rules in the Dobbs case, though, we will not rest until the barbaric practice of legalized abortion is ended in America; and until every life—born and unborn—is protected.

My long-held, strong pro-life convictions stem, of course, from the Bible. We see from the Scriptures that every life is made in the image of God (Gen. 1:27), that God abhors the taking of innocent life (Prov. 24:11; Matt. 19:18). We see that life in the womb is as valuable as life outside the womb. Consider how, for example, the Gospel of Luke uses the same Greek word for baby to refer to John in Elizabeth’s womb as he does Jesus as the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger (Luke 1:41; Luke 2:16).

My convictions also are informed by experience, as well. Having volunteered in pregnancy care ministry, I have seen firsthand that many abortion-vulnerable people can be reached by grace and truth. God is at work in pregnancy resource centers/ministries (PRCs) across the state of Oklahoma and the U.S. I have also seen that abortion industry workers can have a change of heart and leave the industry. When abortion is no more, certainly Christians ministries like PRCs will continue to play a vital role in supporting people in difficult life circumstances and unintended pregnancies.

The reason, though, that I think about this issue of abortion every single day comes down to an experience in my life. My wife and I have a daughter who was born extremely premature, at only 24 weeks. In this video testimony, we share what a miracle God did in that situation and how life is precious at every age and stage.

So, if you are like me and are against abortion and for life, what can you do besides merely commenting on social media? You can pray fervently, take an active role in public policy, adopt a child, support foster care, volunteer at a PRC, demonstrate for life and against abortion in a Christlike way.

You can help your church put this issue front and center on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. You can find like-minded people who share your passion and find productive ways to stand for life. These are just a few ideas, and there are many others to go with it.

As Dobbs takes center stage, I’d ask us to go beyond mere social media posts and think: What is God calling me to do here? Together, how can we can make a huge difference for the unborn? After all, this is a life and death issue. Lord help us…